The Real Dragon Chapter 3435

The kneeling Wade family members did not expect Charlie wade to be so ruthless and cruel.

      They were all family members, the first sons and grandsons of the Wade family, but he was going to imprison them all on Wade Ling Mountain and force them to observe mourning for their ancestors for three years!

      To these rich people who were used to enjoying themselves, even three days was unacceptable, let alone three years!

      So, the people hurriedly looked at Lord wade, waiting for him to put in a good word for them.

      Lord wade looked at the pitiful eyes of the group and felt some compa*sion in his heart.

      He did support Charlie wade to punish these spineless sons and grandsons properly, but he did not expect Charlie wade to play so hard as soon as he started.

      Thus, he could not help but say to Charlie wade, “Charlie, making them observe mourning for their ancestors is indeed a good punishment, but three years would be a little too long?”

      ”Long?” Charlie wade said seriously, “You mustn’t forget what ideas they all had in mind! They bought the mourning clothes secretly without communicating with you, clearly wanting to wait until today when you are face to face with Wan Bajun and then turn against them temporarily. What kind of intention is this? They want to put you to death and then step on your corpse to join the enemy after you are dead! Do you think that three years of mourning is too long a punishment for such a person?”

      Lord wade’s expression suddenly flinched.

      He also understood this truth.

      It was just that he had deliberately not thought about it at this level.

      But if one really got to the bottom of it, the truth was actually what Charlie wade had said.

      At this moment, Corran said in tears, “Dad! We really didn’t mean it, you mustn’t misunderstand, dad!”

      The others also spoke out and pleaded, hoping that the old man would not be affected by Charlie wade’s words.

      However, Lord wade let out a long sigh, waved his hand and said to himself, “I’m getting old, my heart is softer, and I’m getting more and more womanly …… Forget it, whatever!”

      After that, he said to Charlie wade, “Charlie, whether it’s three years or five years, it’s all up to you!”

      The first option is to not say another word, and if you say one more word, it will be considered not accepted. Those who don’t accept have a second option, which is to do the same as Feb wade and go to Madagascar!”

      As soon as these words came out, everyone immediately shut their mouths.

      At times like this, no one dared to touch Charlie wade’s bad luck.

      This was because, Charlie wade was not only the head of the Wade family, but also the new master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, with his comprehensive strength here, no one dared to disobey him.

      Seeing that the group of people were all as honest as quails, Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and spoke, “Since you all have no opinion, then the three years will start today!”

      To Charlie wade, this group of kneeling Wade family members had no value to the Wade family.

      They were like the second generation of losers from a top-tier rich family, who couldn’t do anything, didn’t have enough to eat, didn’t have much ability and still pretended to be a P***y all day long.

      Even though he knew that these people were not capable, he still thought that they were his own bloodline, so of course he should take good care of them.

      But in Charlie wade’s view, these people were completely the A**holes of the Wade family.

      Moreover, they were a bunch of spineless A**holes.

      After Charlie wade took over the Wade family, the first thing he had to do was to find a way to jerk these people off from their respective positions, lest they become indiscriminate and corporeal.