The Real Dragon Chapter 3436

However, after all, these people were all Wade family bloodlines, all first sons and grandsons, and if they did not make any major mistakes, it was not really easy to jerk them off.

      If they were forcibly removed, they would be rejected by everyone in the Wade family and would be perceived very badly by the outside world.

      But the beauty of it was that these people had taken the initiative to present Charlie wade with a perfect opportunity to fix things.

      If these people had not secretly gone to buy mourning clothes last night, Charlie wade would not have been able to abolish them all in such a justifiable manner.

      Now, just when Charlie wade couldn’t find a good way to strip them out of the Wade family, they all took the initiative to send them to his door.

      This, in a similar vein to Wan Breaking Army taking the initiative to come to his door.

      At this moment, Christine looked at Charlie wade with a frightened heart and asked nervously with apprehension, “Charlie …… What about …… What about auntie …… Auntie was at least the first to admit her mistake …… You also said just now that you want to give auntie a chance to be sentenced lightly ……”

      ”Of course.” Charlie wade gently nodded and said, “Of all of them, you are the one with the best attitude to admit your mistakes and also the fastest, so naturally, you should be given a leniency this time.”

      Saying that, Charlie wade was silent for a moment and added, “How about this, you stay here and observe mourning with them for three days, and after three days go back to the Wade family to take good care of grandfather.”

      As soon as Christine heard this, two lines of hot tears flowed out from her excitement.

      She really didn’t expect that Charlie wade would really give herself such great preferential treatment.

      Everyone else was given three years, but she was only given three days!

      At this moment, Christine, who already completely regarded Charlie wade as the savior, was already a little incoherent with excitement, and even her voice trembled a little as she said, “Charlie …… Charlie …… Thank you …… Thank you for being generous to your aunt …… Don’t worry …… From now on, I will …… will definitely cleanse my heart and become a new person!”

      Charlie wade’s expression was calm as he nodded his head.

      It was not that he really wanted to take care of Christine, but at times like this, it was to create a huge gap for the others.

      As the saying went, those who obeyed me prospered and those who disobeyed me perished.

      The one who prospers and the one who dies is the biggest gap.

      This was also giving the Wade family’s gang, a clear signal.

      In the future, in the Wade family, they must obey their own words.

      Charlie wade also knew very well that if he wanted to ensure that nothing like this would happen to the Wade Family in the future, he had to use strong power and firmly control the entire Wade Family!

      Therefore, today, this concept would be thoroughly rooted in their hearts!

      After everything was disposed of, Charlie wade said to Lord wade, “Grandpa, things are almost settled, it’s time to start the ancestral ritual!”

      Lord wade nodded heavily, “Good!”

      The ancestral rituals of the Wade family were originally very grand.

      Before the ancestral ritual, the four forms of rituals, namely music, song, dance and rituals, were not in any way inferior to the Confucius Temple’s Confucian rituals.

      And the variety of offerings prepared for use as sacrificial offerings was also extremely rich.

      In order to organise the ancestral rituals, the Wade family has to hire a professional director and a full choreography team every time, with costumes, props, actors and sound, all of which are top-notch.