The Real Dragon Chapter 3438

When he heard Charlie wade’s order, Wan Bajun immediately said in a loud voice, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I will arrange it immediately!”

      Charlie wade nodded and smiled coldly, “They think the Wade family is finished and want to clear the air with the Wade family, so if the Wade family had asked them to come, they definitely wouldn’t have come, but if it was the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall that asked them to come, I believe they definitely wouldn’t dare to act rudely.”

      Stephen Thompson busily asked, “Young Master, what about after they come? As you said, let them kneel and go up to Wade Ling Mountain to repent?”

      ”It’s impossible to spare them so simply.” Charlie wade waved his hand and spoke, “Later today, news will be received outside that the Wade family has lost and accepted the harsh conditions of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so when that time comes, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall will directly ask them to each take out half of their family a*sets as well, I believe they wouldn’t dare not give it!”

      Lord wade raised his eyebrows and exclaimed, “Charlie, you …… You are trying to drink their blood and eat their flesh ……”

      Charlie wade said with an expressionless face, “I am going to drink their blood and eat their flesh, but not from me, but from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!”

      Saying that, Charlie wade added: “After Wan Long Temple gets their a*sets, then through the channels of offshore companies, the money will be given back to the Wade family with one hand, it just so happens that I recently want to do ocean shipping, get some money from them, and also buy a few dozen more cargo ships, this gang is more than enough, not to mention, it should still be no problem to take out two to three hundred billion.”

      Charlie wade spared the death of Wan Breaking Army and took Wan Long Temple under his command, in order to let Wan Long Temple do the dirty work for him.

      He had to admit that the deterrent power of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall was still very strong.

      Other than that, Wan Bajun had asked Lu Hao Tian to put forward so many harsh conditions yesterday, including giving up half of his family fortune and the entire Wade Ling Mountain, and he had to wear mourning and kneel down to greet them.

      But didn’t Corran and Myles, a bunch of cowardly and fearful incompetent rats, still rush to agree one by one?

      Now, if the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall was asked to make the same request as the other Wade family’s side lines, the odds were that they would not dare to disobey either.

      Lord wade hesitated for a moment with a complicated expression, but quickly figured it out and spoke: ”Fine! Just go ahead and do it! Most of these ungrateful things rely on the Wade family’s support to get to where they are today, but when the Wade family is in trouble and they all run away so fast, it’s only right to make them pay a price!”

      On the side, Jim wade’s expression was tense as he spoke, “Charlie …… My son and grandson were let go by my hard will, I am old and I will die by my big brother and old ancestor’s side, but they are still young, I really can’t bear for them to stay and take risks, so I also ask you to be noble to them for the sake of me not running.”

      Charlie wade nodded and said seriously, “It is indeed touching that second grandfather can stay, as you wish, on your family’s side, I will not pursue the matter.”

      Saying that, Charlie wade said with a cold expression, “But no one else can be exempted except for the second grandfather’s family!”

      Jim wade was completely relieved and wiped his sweat while saying, “Charlie, thank you so much ……”

      Charlie wade waved his hand, and then said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, I have to go to Scandinavia tonight, I definitely won’t be back in time at eight o’clock tomorrow morning, at that time, you will put on a one-man show for them under the Wade Ling Mountain, first make them each willingly take out half of their a*sets to the Wan Long Temple, you can’t let them go even after the money is given, let them continue to kneel, until I return! “

      Wan Bajun arched his hand and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, my subordinates will definitely get it done!”