The Real Dragon Chapter 3439

After saying that, he hurriedly asked again, “Mr. Wade, I know more about the situation in Europe and America, do you want me to accompany you when you go to Northern Europe?”

      Charlie wade waved his hand, “No need, you still have parents who need to be buried, tomorrow let those foreign relatives of the Wade family kneel honestly while you take care of the burial of your parents.”

      Wan Bajun said respectfully, “My subordinate follows orders!”

      Charlie wade nodded slightly, “Good, then all the matters of the Wade family’s foreign relatives will be left to you.”

      After saying that, he looked at Lord wade and said indifferently, “Grandpa, for this ancestor worship ceremony, let’s skip all those tedious and pompous processes! Ancestor worship is mainly about sincerity of heart, if the heart is not sincere, what is the point of making the ceremony as grand and magnificent as possible?”

      Lord wade nodded and agreed, “You are right, Charlie, ancestor worship is not about pomp and circumstance, but about piety, before all the people were so excited to hold ancestor worship, but when they encountered some danger, most of them turned around and sold out the old ancestor, the old ancestor now knows how angry he would be, what is the point of holding all those pomp and circumstance.”

      The kneeling Wade family members were all ashamed and did not dare to raise their heads.

      Charlie wade ignored them and walked to the front of the ancestral graves of the Wade family, kneeling on both knees, looking at the hundreds of tombs of the ancestors of the Wade family and Charlie wade’s parents, and said in a loud voice, “The ancestors of the Wade family are above, your unworthy grandson, Charlie wade, has been wandering away for the past twenty years and has not been able to come to pay respects to the ancestors, I hope the ancestors will forgive me!”

      After a pause, Charlie wade added, “Today is the beginning of a new era for the Wade family in the midst of crisis. The unworthy grandson, Charlie wade, has also officially returned to the Wade family today and taken over the position of the Wade family head!”

      ”Here, Charlie wade promises the ancestors of the Wade Family! From today onwards, no one will be allowed to infringe upon the interests of the Wade Family! Even more, no one will be allowed to desecrate the ancestors of my Wade Family! All of us in the Wade Family shall act in the highest interest of my Wade Family!”

      ”Your unworthy grandson, Charlie wade, makes a vow before all the ancestors today! I will do my utmost to make the Wade Family the number one family in the world and the top of the world!”

      After saying this, Charlie wade bent down and faced the ancestors of the Wade family, bowing three times in respect.

      Lord wade also came to Charlie wade’s side and knelt on the ground, facing the ancestor’s tomb, and spoke, “Wade family ancestors are above, today my Wade family’s wandering son, Charlie wade, has finally returned! From today onwards, there is no longer any direct lineage of the Wade family left outside, and all direct lineages are finally together! I have also fulfilled the promise I made to our ancestors at the last ancestral ritual!”

      Saying this, Lord wade added, “Bruce, Kui! I can finally give you and your wife a satisfactory explanation for the return of Charlie to the Wade family and his succession as the head of the Wade family. I’m sure your spirits in heaven will be able to see the extraordinary achievements of Charlie son! Today, he has turned the entire Wade Family into a safe and secure place! In the future, he will definitely be able to lead the Wade family to glory again! I’m sure you and your wife must be very happy on the other side at this time!”

      At this moment, Charlie wade stood up and went straight to the front of his parents’ spirit, kneeling on the ground and looking at the six big words “Bruce wade” and “An Cheng” on the tombstone, his eyes were already filled with tears.

      He murmured softly, “Dad, mum, your son is finally able to come back to see you both openly and honestly ……”

      When the Wade family heard this, they all couldn’t help but be a little surprised in their hearts, they weren’t quite sure what Charlie wade meant by this, could it be that Charlie wade had been here before?

      At this moment, Charlie wade didn’t care about the Wade family’s surprise, he looked at the young picture of his parents on the tombstone and said with a firm expression, “Dad, Mom, from now on, I will inherit Dad’s legacy and lead the Wade family to the top of the world! At the same time, I will also find your murderers, no matter who they are or what their abilities and backgrounds are, I will kill them myself to avenge your deaths!”