The Real Dragon Chapter 3442

Lord Orrin was a man of thunder and lightning and was indeed not a delicate person.

      Take the situation at the banquet at this moment, he was just happy and excited, but did not pay attention to those other young girls, what was different about the way they looked at Charlie wade.

      But Angie was different.

      Women were already delicate-minded, good at observing details, and their intuition was much more accurate than men’s, so she had been paying attention to these young girls from early on.

      After all, those who could willingly go up to Wade Lingshan to help Charlie wade under the heavy pressure of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall were those who had put their lives and deaths on the line.

      And these few girls, taking any one of them out, were also top-notch beauties who were captivating, and the fact that they were all able to ascend Wade Ling Mountain without hesitation was proof enough that Charlie wade was even more important than their own lives in their minds.

      Angie, who was also a woman, knew very well that if a woman, who was willing to die for a man of her age, it could never be just the so-called repayment of gratitude, there must be strong personal feelings mixed in as well.

      In other words, these women must all have a love for Charlie wade.

      Lord Orrin did not understand this.

      He asked with a puzzled look on his face, “I don’t understand, is there something wrong?”

      ”Of course there is.” Angie deliberately pulled Lord Orrin aside, avoiding Stephanie, and said in a firm tone, “The way these little girls are looking at Charlie, they are obviously all looking at her with full love.”

      Lord Orrin narrowed his eyes and just said with a smile, “I think it’s all because of gratitude! You mustn’t forget that Charlie has been extremely kind to all these girls, and it’s normal for these girls to be grateful to him.”

      Angie said very seriously, “For women, it is inherently difficult to deal with inner gratitude objectively, haven’t you noticed that in both ancient and modern times, women are prone to fall in love with men who are kind to them?”

      Lord Orrin was stunned with surprise and said with a smile, “Why, these things are out of our hands.”

      Angie said in a low voice, “Honey, you can’t just ignore everything, these girls are all phoenixes, any one of them may not be inferior to our daughter, these will be her competitors in the future!”

      She said, “Look at Zara, who is already the head of the Banks family at a young age, and who was promoted by Charlie. If she were to compete with her daughter, she might not be able to beat her.”

      ”And that Ito Nana-chan, she’s the heir to the Ito family at such a young age, and she’s not only pretty, but she’s gentle as water! Although most people in the country are somewhat hostile towards their country, many people have always had extra good feelings towards the women of their country, which is a plus ……”

      ”Although Xion and Jasmine are less powerful themselves, these two are also loyal to Charlie, and unlike Stephanie, Jasmine is right here in Aurous Hill, and Xion has always been by Charlie’s side, so these two have a great advantage in being close to the water ……”

      Lord Orrin hesitated for a moment and said, “I don’t think there is any need to worry about this, a man as outstanding as Charlie will naturally have many girls falling for him. You must know very well what kind of virtues these powerful noble families have on a regular basis.”

      ”Yes.” Angie sighed and looked again at Helena who was sitting alone in the corner, quietly watching Charlie wade, and sighed, “Charlie is going to Northern Europe again this time, if he really helps Helena become the Nordic Queen …… This Nordic girl is afraid that she will fall too ……”