The Real Dragon Chapter 3446

Twenty minutes later, the Concorde whistled off in the night of Eastcliff and flew at breakneck speed towards Northern Europe.

      What lay before Charlie wade and Helena was an 8,000-kilometre-long flight path.

      An ordinary airliner would take at least nine hours to fly there, but the Concorde would take only four hours to reach the Nordic capital, Ossuary.

      And at the same time, on the Nordic short video software, a video is quickly catching fire.

      The woman in the video is Helena Iliad, who is known as the most beautiful woman in Northern Europe.

      Although Helena has been disinherited from the throne, she is still the most popular and loved member of the royal family in the whole of Northern Europe.

      That is why she has over eight million followers on the short video software.

      The Nordic countries have a population of just over six million, at least half of which are Helena’s fans.

      In the past, Helena’s video account was often updated with clips of her daily life, and many of her fans used these videos to get a glimpse of her life.

      However, after the rumour of Helena’s trip to China and her marriage with a Chinese family, her video account stopped updating.

      A few days later, she suddenly updated a video in which she is sitting in a car with an excited look on her face, saying: “Friends! I’m super excited right now! I’m about to take a Concorde back to Scandinavia to attend my sister Princess Olivia’s wedding! Not only will I be attending her wedding, but I’ll be her bridesmaid, and I’ll be seeing her enter into marriage! God, I’m so excited! I’m so excited that I’ve almost cried a few times! Please join me in wishing her a happy wedding!”

      The Scandinavian nation was delighted to hear that Princess Helena was returning to her home country, and all of them commented on her video: “Welcome home, Princess Helena!”

      In addition to this, there were many messages wishing Olivia a happy wedding and the comments section was full of warmth and peace.

      It was midday local time in Northern Europe.

      Olivia, who was having lunch with her parents, suddenly received this video from Helena, and after watching it, she pushed her plate to the floor in anger and said in a cold voice: “This Helena is really looking for death! I have told her clearly that she is not allowed to return to Scandinavia for the rest of her life, but I never thought that she would dare to come back! And to come back with such fanfare! By posting this video, she is blatantly provoking me! Does she think I won’t dare to do anything to her just because she sent this video? Then she’s underestimating me, Olivia!”

      With that, she immediately picked up her phone and called Helena.

      However, the call alerted Helena that her phone was switched off.

      Olivia left a message on her voicemail and said in a cold voice, “Helena! Who gave you the audacity to disobey my orders! If you dare set foot on Nordic soil, I will kill ……”

      Before Olivia could finish her sentence, her father Richard grabbed the phone from her hand and immediately terminated the message before blurting out, “Olivia are you crazy?! If you say something on your voicemail threatening Helena to kill her mother, once Helena releases the recording, you’re done!”

      Olivia burst into a cold sweat and asked nervously, “What was I saying?!”