The Real Dragon Chapter 3448

Angry to the core, Olivia eventually accepted her mother’s advice.

      For although she was angry, she was also well aware of the current situation.

      Since Helena had already played a game on herself, it would be difficult to counteract it now.

      The only way was to wait for her to arrive and use her mother’s life as blackmail to make her not do the same things or make the same mistakes from now on.

      When her father Richard saw that she had finally calmed down a bit, he said, “Olivia, since Helena is on a Concorde, I reckon she must be at the airport by late afternoon, so I suggest you go with William to the airport early to meet her, and when she gets off the plane, use the royal convoy to take her to the palace and control her. “

      ”I know!” Olivia said coldly, “To keep this b*tch from speaking out in front of the outside world, I’ll have to control everything she does throughout her trip and confiscate her mobile phone when the time comes, giving her no chance to pa*s on information to the outside world!”

      Richard nodded appreciatively and said, “You have indeed become more comprehensive in your thinking now, the only problem is that you are too quick-tempered and impulsive, if you can change that as well, you will definitely be stronger in the future!”

      Olivia said with an expressionless face, “I can control my temper once I get rid of Helena! She has brought me so many shadows over the years! When it comes to anything to do with her, my emotions are like a powder keg, one point and I explode!”

      Richard patted her shoulder and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry Olivia, this time, we will definitely solve Helena’s problem once and for all, so that she can honestly help us pull resources together in the Wade family.”

      Olivia said with a grim expression, “Actually, I don’t want her to marry into the Wade family anymore, I still want to give her to the Russian Aman Ramovich.”

      Richard advised, “Amanramovich’s a*sets are, at best, a fraction of the Wade family’s, it’s not cost effective.”

      Olivia said seriously, “But Amanramovich is willing to pay the royal family 500 million euros directly, if Helena marries him successfully.”

      Richard laughed, “Five hundred million euros is a one-off buyout, but hasn’t the Wade family already agreed to invest two billion euros with us in Northern Europe? And that’s only preliminary, there’s no telling how much room there will be in the future, so it’s certainly not cost effective to give Helena to Aman Ramovich.”

      Olivia looked at Richard and said very seriously, “Father, you mustn’t forget that Helena’s congenital disease is very serious and she may not live long, and if she only lives for a few months, then the Wade family’s funds may only come to a few hundred million euros in start-up capital, and she will already be dead before even the start-up capital is in place! If she dies, there’s no way the Wade family will continue to invest in us!”

      Richard’s expression was stunned as he muttered, “D*mn it …… Why didn’t I think of this layer ……”

      Olivia’s brow flashed with a hint of viciousness as she coldly said, “Helena is, right now, a terminally ill, dying pet dog, if we don’t want to smash her in our own hands, we still need to find the seller who will pay the quickest money at this stage and grab her off!”

      ”Hand her over to Aman Ramovich, 500 million euros immediately, and by the time Helena dies in St Petersburg, what does it matter to us?”

      ”Aman Ramovich can’t drag a corpse and come to Northern Europe and ask us to return it, can he?”

      Richard said with an air of awe, “Olivia, you’re the one who’s thinking more holistically, in that case, find a way to get Helena to Amanramovich!”

      Olivia nodded and sneered, “Since she is here, her fate will be at my mercy!”

      A cruel smile crossed her lips as she said, “I’ve heard that Amanramovich is a bit of a pervert at heart and loves to torture women in bed by all sorts of inhuman means. “