The Real Dragon Chapter 3449

With that, Olivier sneered and said: “Then we could still condemn Aman Ramovic severely and force him to pay another pension, or else make public the news that he abused the royal princess! I don’t see how another 500 million euros would be required by then, would it? After all, it wasn’t easy for the royal family to raise Helena, so it would be reasonable for me to ask him for 500 million euros in compensation!”

      Richard looked at his daughter, gave her a thumbs up and praised her, “Olivia, you are truly a man of the world! When you inherit the throne, the royal family will surely see a spurt of growth!”

      Olivia nodded and said in a cold voice, “The news of my marriage to William is being watched throughout Europe, and many other European royals and nobles and tycoons are coming to attend the wedding of the two of us. I’ll let him take Helena away!”

      Richard laughed, “Amanramovich loves to attend gatherings of European aristocrats, you call him now and he’ll fly over from St Petersburg right away tonight!”

      Olivia nodded and said with a sneer, “I’ll give him a call in a moment.”

      After saying that, Olivia added, “Right Dad, I see no point in letting the old lady continue to languish after my big wedding, so let’s inform the doctor and quietly remove all the tubes then.”


      The speed of the Concorde was faster than the speed of the earth’s rotation.

      When Charlie wade and Helena boarded the plane in Eastcliff, it was already evening in the eye locality, but four hours into the flight, when they arrived in the Nordic capital of Oslo, it was only just dusk in Northern Europe.

      Immediately after landing at the end of the runway, the plane was guided by ground guidance vehicles all the way to the hangar at the far end of the airport.

      While the plane was still in taxiing phase, Helena heard a voice message Olivia had left for herself.

      Although Olivia had not finished her sentence, Helena could still hear the strong anger and threat in her words.

      She looked at Charlie wade somewhat nervously and spoke, “Mr. Wade, Olivia should be very angry right now, and I presume she will definitely put me under tight control the moment I get off the plane ……”

      Charlie wade smiled and said, “The odds are that she will take you to the palace and put you under house arrest, and I will probably be treated the same way.”

      Helena was busy asking, “What then?”

      ”Never mind.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “Since we have come all this way, it is only natural that we should be treated as our guest, this is the proper etiquette, everything will be discussed when we arrive at the palace.”

      Helena was relieved to see that Charlie wade had his mind made up, and then asked him, “Mr Wade, how should I introduce you to Helena?”

      Charlie wade smiled, “Just say that I am Feb wade’s younger brother, because Feb wade has not yet consummated his marriage with you, and according to our Chinese rules, it is not convenient for Feb wade to directly participate in this kind of thing of going back to his mother’s family for the wedding, so this time the Wade family arranged for me to escort him all the way.”

      ”Okay.” Helena nodded gently and asked again, “Then does your name need to be circumvented?”

      Charlie wade shook his head and casually smiled, “No need, it’s the first time in my life that I’ve come to Northern Europe, so naturally I should come openly and honestly!”