The Real Dragon Chapter 3450

Inside the hangar, Olivia, dressed to the nines in a Chanel dress, was holding the arm of a young white man as she watched the Concorde approach.

      This young white man is the eldest son of the Rothschild collateral family, William Rothschild.

      William’s family has its roots in Denmark, across the sea from four northern European countries.

      Over the years, Wilhelm’s family has always wanted to be on the second rung of the Rothschild ladder and so has been hiding its light and lying in wait.

      Within the Rothschild family, the overall structure is similar to that of the Wade family, but at the actual execution end, it is much more cumbersome than the Wade family.

      The Rothschilds are an old capitalist family who started out in finance and banking, so they are extremely strict in the allocation of internal resources.

      The lifeblood of the Rothschild family is in the hands of the core families in the United States, who differentiate the allocation of resources to different families through the practice of scoring ratings for other families.

      A second-tier family can get two or three times more resources from the core family each year than a third-tier family, so every second- and third-tier family has its head in the clouds trying to move up the ladder, while the first-tier family at the top has to do everything it can to hold its position and not be outdone by other families.

      So, this strong internal competition makes the internal barriers of a family like the Rothschilds so strong that it is not easy to move up the ladder.

      William’s family has, in recent years, been doing everything they can to increase their own rating weighting.

      During this recent period, they have learned through their own channels that the Nordic Queen is critically ill.

      Realising that the young Olivia, would soon become the youngest empress in Northern Europe and indeed the whole of Europe, they immediately negotiated with the Nordic royal family in the hope of reaching a marriage union.

      But Olivia had already been up for sale for a long time.

      Many wealthy people in Europe, in fact, realised that she was about to become empress, so many of them wanted to marry Olivia.

      Throughout Europe, there was a strong sense of power and nobility and a residue of feudalism. Almost everyone considered royalty and nobility to be superior, and those wealthy people who did not have a noble title would immediately be ennobled as princes and made dukes at the same time if they could marry the Queen, which was the same as making an instant cla*s leap.

      William was able to stand out from the rest because his family decided to invest two billion euros with a billion euros in cash as a bride-price, which put the other competitors at bay.

      William’s family hopes to increase its influence throughout Europe with the support of the royal family, so that it can be given more weight in the next internal rating of Rothschild and thus move up to the second rung of the ladder.

      At this moment, Olivia looked at the white swan-like Concorde and said with a bored expression, “The Wade family is really something, even this supersonic airliner can be obtained.”

      William nodded and said with an envious expression, “As the fastest airliner in the world, the Concorde was snatched up by the top families as soon as it was retired from service. also have one ……”

      Olivia said with a black face, “I’ve never been on one of these supersonic airliners.”

      William smacked his lips and said resentfully, “I haven’t flown either, I heard that the Wade family has suffered heavy losses this time, I wonder if they are willing to sell this plane at a low price, if they are, I will buy it!”

      By this time, the plane had slowly pulled into the hangar, then the hatch opened and Helena, accompanied by Charlie wade, stepped down from the spiral staircase.

      At the bottom of the spiral staircase, Olivia looked at Helena with a cold smile on her face. Seeing that only she and Charlie wade had stepped out of the whole plane, Olivia frowned and asked, “Helena, where are your two attendants? Why didn’t they come back with you?”