The Real Dragon Chapter 3451

Two of Helena’s entourage were Olivia’s men.

      But Olivia had always thought that Helena was unaware of this, and when she saw that she hadn’t brought her entourage back, and that they hadn’t reported any changes to her in advance, she realised that Helena might have discovered the true identities of the two men.

      Helena played dumb at this point and said casually, “I left them in China and asked them to work with the Wade family planner to prepare the engagement party and wedding details.”

      Helena’s words sounded fine to an outsider, but Olivia knew very well that Helena was talking nonsense!

      If that was really what she said, then her own two men, would have reported the situation to herself in the first place.

      But now that she hadn’t received any news, it was proof that these two must have been controlled by Helena.

      But what depressed Olivia was that she saw Helena talking out of her a*s in front of her, but she had absolutely no way to get angry.

      She could only hold back her anger and said along with her words, “So that’s how it is …… sister, I really didn’t expect that both of us sisters would be getting married soon, time really flies.”

      Helena nodded and sighed with the same smile, “Yes, it seems like just yesterday we were riding together on the palace lawn and in the blink of an eye we’re getting married.”

      Olivia hummed and laughed, looked at Charlie wade beside her and asked with a frown, “By the way, this doesn’t seem to be your fiancé, Mr. Feb wade, beside you, does it?”

      Helena hurriedly introduced her, “Oh yes, I almost forgot to introduce you, this is Feb wade’s cousin, Charlie wade! Feb wade has been rather busy and unable to leave recently, so he will accompany me back this time.”

      Olivia didn’t know much about the structure of the Wade family, and when she heard that Charlie wade was Feb wade’s cousin, she instinctively thought that he might be the son of someone else in the Wade family, and didn’t think much of it.

      William didn’t think much of it either.

      It was because it was the Rothschild core family in the United States that had fought with Bruce wade in the Chinese market back then.

      Moreover, it was the Rothschilds who won in the end, so he, the son of a third-order family living in Europe, did not know about that feud back then, nor did he know the specifics of the Wade family.

      Olivia herself had made up her mind to sell Helena to the Russian oligarch Aman Ramovich.

      Therefore, she did not intend to have anything to do with the Wade family in the future, so she naturally had nothing good to say to Charlie wade.

      She looked at Charlie wade and said with a sneer on her face, “Mr Wade, I heard that your Wade family had just been killed by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple at your door? I also heard that in addition to robbing your Wade Family’s ancestral tomb, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall also demanded that the Wade Family give up half of its a*sets? Then your Wade Family should have suffered a great loss this time, right?”

      Seeing that Olivia was somewhat targeting Charlie wade, William at the side also deliberately raised his eyebrows and said, “Olivia, why do you have to talk about other people’s sore points as soon as we meet, the Wade family has lost so much this time, losing people and money, Mr. wade must be in a lot of pain in his heart.”

      Charlie wade smiled and said casually, “I am not in pain at all, we have an old saying in China that a thin camel is bigger than a horse, even if the Wade family lost half of its a*sets, it still has trillions of RMB, it is still much better than most of the rubbish families in Europe.”

      Hearing the sarcasm in Charlie wade’s words, William immediately questioned angrily, “Wade! Who are you calling a rubbish family?”

      Charlie wade laughed coldly with an arrogant look on his face, “In my eyes, all the families in Europe whose a*sets are not as good as my Wade family’s are trash!”