The Real Dragon Chapter 3452

Hearing Charlie wade’s words, William immediately became furious and blurted out, “Surnamed Wade, your words are a little too arrogant!”

        Charlie wade smiled and asked, “Arrogant? I don’t think so.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Even if our Wade family has suffered heavy losses, we still have trillions of a*sets, some families haven’t experienced such heavy losses, they don’t even have as much money as my Wade family, what can this be if it’s not rubbish?”

        Charlie wade looked at the two, gave a slight pause and teased, “You see, if half of the water in this ocean is gone, it’s still an ocean, but a mud pit is still a mud pit even if it’s filled to the brim.”

        Both Olivia and William’s faces turned very ugly at once.

        Olivia was well aware of the strength of the Nordic royal family, with cash, antiques, real estate, foreign investments and so on, all of which amounted to just a few billion euros.

        Moreover, the royal family does not belong to Olivia’s family, there is a large number of relatives below, all waiting for the royal family to support.

        But even if the Wade family gave half of its a*sets to the Vanguard Palace, the remaining a*sets would still be in the hundreds of billions of euros, which is really much better than the royal family.

        William was as annoyed as Olivia.

        Although his surname was Rothschild, the family’s overall economic strength, converted into euros, could barely reach ten billion, which, in his opinion, was probably not even one tenth of the current Wade family.

        However, William still gritted his teeth and retorted, “Our Rothschild family has been cultivating the world for hundreds of years, and their combined a*sets are more than trillions of dollars, even ten trillions may not be able to stop them! In front of the Rothschild family, the mere Wade family is not even considered rubbish!”

        Charlie wade asked curiously, “You’re from the Rothschild family?”

        Olivia was full of smugness and pride as she introduced, “I forgot to introduce to you two, this is my fiancé, the young talent of the Rothschild family, William Rothschild!”

        Charlie wade smiled slightly and spoke, “You are really from the Rothschild family, no wonder you speak with such a big mouth.”

        William sneered, “What? Do you now realise how rubbish the Wade family is in front of our Rothschild family?”

        Charlie wade shook his head and said indifferently, “Whether it’s rubbish or not depends on who you compare it to. If you compare it to the core Rothschild family, the Wade family is naturally much inferior, but I heard that there are many side branches within the Rothschild family, and these side branches are divided into three ladders.

        Hearing these words, William’s face immediately turned ironic.

        He was full of pride when he talked about the Rothschild family.

        But when it came to the subject of his family being on the first rung of the ladder, he was at a loss as to what to do.

        Because his family, in the Rothschild family, was only the third rung of the ladder.

        Seeing his odd expression but not saying anything, Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask with a smile, “What’s wrong Mr. William, wasn’t he quite articulate just now? Why don’t you say anything now?”

        William’s expression was cloudy and uncertain, not knowing how to respond for a while.

        When Olivia saw her fiancé being defeated, she said coldly in an irritated voice, “Mr. Wade, this is Northern Europe, not China! It’s better not to speak so sharply.”

        Charlie wade grunted and asked in return, “That’s sharp? It seems that you still lack understanding of what real sharpness is.”

        At this time, Helena came out to round up the situation, “I think we should stop chatting here and go back to the palace, I still want to go see how her grandmother is doing now.”

        Olivia smiled with a playful expression and spoke, “Helena, don’t be in a hurry, William and I came to the airport this time not only to pick you two up, there is also a friend who will be arriving soon, why don’t we go back to the palace together when he arrives.”