The Real Dragon Chapter 3453

Helena subconsciously inquired, “Who is this other friend you speak of?”

        Olivia laughed, “This friend is a Russian oligarch, Amanramovich.”

        Helena had previously learned from the two attendants that Olivia intended to sell herself to Amanramovich, so her heart stuttered when she heard this.

        However, she tried to control her emotions and asked in mock surprise, “Olivia, when did you become friends with such a vulgar person?”

        Olivia narrowed her eyes at Helena and asked, somewhat surprised, “Helena, has no one ever mentioned anything about Aman Ramovich to you?”

        Helena shook her head blankly, “No one has mentioned it, why?”

        Today, when Helena had returned alone, leaving behind the two men Olivia had planted, Olivia had known that her people had been exposed.

        Now, she didn’t know if her two men, either, had told Helena about her plan.

        Because, earlier, she had instructed her two men to trick Helena into going to the airport and then send her straight to St. Petersburg.

        But now, looking at Helena’s bewildered face, Olivia thought she might not have learned about it.

        So Olivia smiled broadly and said, “This Amanramovich, he’s still quite a nice guy, rich and a gentleman, just a bit older, not as crude and unsightly as they say.”

        Helena laughed in a casual manner, “I have the impression that the nobility of Western Europe have always seemed to be quite repulsed by him, why have you even invited him here?”

        Olivia laughed, “Although Amanramovic has no background worthy of praise, he is at least a tycoon worth tens of billions of dollars, and if I want to revive the royal family in the future, of course I need to have good relations with such tycoons.”

        As she spoke, the sound of an aircraft engine outside grew closer, and a brand new Gulfstream G650 business jet, guided by a guidance van, slowly taxied towards the hangar.

        Olivia raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Aman Ramovich is here!”

        The G650 soon came to a standstill next to the Concorde and the hatch opened, and a short, thin, middle-aged man in a dark blue suit stepped out with a smile on his face.

        This man is the only remaining Russian oligarch, Aman Ramovich.

        Amanramovich came from a poor background, but caught the wave of the times and quickly rose to become one of the richest men in Russia at a particular stage of his life.

        As soon as Amanramovich stepped off the plane, he smiled and said to Olivia, “Your Highness Princess Olivia, it’s been a long time!”

        After saying that, he immediately looked at Helena at the side with a kind of greedy look, and said with a smile, “This, I believe, is Her Highness Princess Helena?”

        Helena was more or less uncomfortable, while Olivia, next to her, after seeing Amanramovich’s infatuated look at Helena, said with a smile, “Mr. Amanramovich, this is my sister, Princess Helena.”

        Amanramovic immediately extended his hand to Helena, kissing her hand in anticipation while saying in a very gentlemanly manner, “It is a great pleasure to meet you, Your Royal Highness, Princess Helena!”

        Helena did not want Amanramovich to kiss her hand, she had already guessed Olivia’s motive for inviting him here and was disgusted, so she gave him a slight nod and said with an apologetic face, “I am sorry Mr. Amanramovich, as my fiancé is Chinese, I have to observe Chinese customs and cannot perform the kissing hand salute. “

        Aman Ramovic gave an embarra*sed laugh and then quietly withdrew his hand and said with a smile, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I understand!”

        Olivia glanced at Helena and sneered in her heart, “Helena, why are you still pretending to be so reserved? It won’t be long before you’re Aman Ramovich’s woman!”