The Real Dragon Chapter 3455

Olivia asked in surprise, “You don’t think you want to screw him over, do you? The Wade family is far away in China, but if we really kill one of their people, we’ll get into trouble!”

      ”No.” William waved his hand and spoke, “I wouldn’t be stupid enough to kill him in Northern Europe, I just want to teach him a lesson, and by the way, make him leave that Concorde behind!”

      ”Concorde?” Olivia couldn’t help but see a glint in her eye.

      In the true high society, there were only two types of true top luxury, a private jet and a private yacht.

      In terms of private jets alone, it may seem as if the Saudi royal family’s modified A380 is the largest and most luxurious, but to really say that the top and rare private jet that can represent the highest status, it has to be the Concorde.

      The reason for this is that they are so rare.

      There were only about twenty of them built back then, and there are only a few digits left, making it a truly out-of-print private jet.

      Moreover, it is the only private jet that can fly at supersonic speeds.

      It is the only private jet that can fly at supersonic speeds. Anyone who can own one of these jets will be more dignified than the Saudi royal family’s A380!

      Olivia and William are both extremely vain people, with numerous luxuries in their day-to-day lives, but neither of them would dare to hope that they could own a Concorde.

      So, when William suggested the idea, Olivia was immediately overwhelmed.

      So, she immediately asked, “What do you have in mind, dear?”

      William sneered, “After the banquet tonight, I’ve opened a poker game to play with some guests who have come from afar and earn some pocket money in the process, when the time comes, I’ll make a game and invite that Charlie wade over to play a couple of hands, as long as he’s willing to play, I’m sure I can make him fall in step by step.”

      Olivia asked with some doubt, “Are you really sure?”

      William said confidently, “Don’t worry, among the guests who are coming this time, there is one person I have planted in advance, this person had been a lottery official in Las Vegas for many years, as long as I let him deal the cards, no matter what the game is, I can make that Charlie wade lose everything!”

      Olivia asked in disbelief, “How come you also planted a hustler in the palace specifically?”

      William shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, “Don’t you understand the hobbies of these rich men? What they like is nothing but beautiful women and gambling, and when they come to the palace for a wedding, they definitely can’t bring women to mess around in the palace, so an impromptu gambling game will definitely interest them a lot!”

      William continued with a little bit of a frown, “But whenever there’s a game like this, every man loves to play a few hands, and losing a few hundred million euros is nothing to them. “

      Olivia stroked her chin and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect you to be so bad! Even these relatives’ and friends’ money is counted!”

      William said awkwardly, “Why not when there’s a chance to make some pocket money and it’s not a big loss for them? Wouldn’t you say?”

      Olivia grunted, “Seeing is believing! I want half the proceeds of the bet!”

      William flinched slightly and then chuckled, “Haha, Olivia, I have a feeling that the two of us are going to have a very, very harmonious married life!”

      Olivia raised an eyebrow and added, “If Charlie wade can really lose that Concorde to you, I’ll have half of this plane too!”

      ”That’s for sure!” William reached out and cupped Olivia’s chin and kissed her hard on the lips, before raising his head a moment later and saying tenderly, “Your Majesty, Queen Olivia, everything I have belongs to you!”

      Olivia nodded with a satisfied look on her face and smiled, “It seems that you have begun to adapt to the role of ‘Prince William’ ahead of time.”

      William laughed, “That’s for sure! I would love to be your husband tomorrow and the Prince of Northern Europe the day after!”

      With that, William added, “My father has promised me that after you succeed to the throne and make me Prince, he will give us the luxury Italian yacht parked in Copenhagen and a villa in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles!”