The Real Dragon Chapter 3456

Half an hour later, the motorcade enters the Nordic Palace.

      The Nordic royal family has three palaces in the Nordic countries, and this one, on the outskirts of the capital, is the largest and most luxurious of the three.

      The entire palace is actually more like a large castle and manor combined.

      It covers hundreds of hectares and is so large that there is also a golf course and an equestrian area inside.

      It is said that the value of the palace’s buildings and grounds alone is over three billion euros.

      However, because it is a royal patrimony and a symbol of the royal family, the country’s laws forbid the royal family from selling it to the public.

      The fact that it cannot be sold means that the royal family actually only has a right to use it.

      The caravan crossed a large green field and stopped in front of an old castle that was at least a hundred years old.

      The guards of the Royal Guard immediately stepped forward and opened all the car doors, and Charlie wade stepped down with Helena.

      Upon seeing Helena’s return, the Royal Guards immediately saluted respectfully, “Your Highness Princess Helena!”

      Helena nodded slightly in greeting, and immediately afterwards, Olivia walked over and said to Charlie wade as well as Aman Ramovich, “The rooms for the two guests are ready for you, I will have someone take you there first.”

      Amanramovich immediately bowed and said respectfully, “Thank you, Your Highness Princess Olivia!”

      In contrast, Charlie wade was not so polite and only said goodbye indifferently.

      When Olivia saw that Charlie wade did not bow, let alone curtsy, and did not even bother to say thank you, she could not help but feel a little irritated.

      However, once Olivia thought that William was still planning to make a game for Charlie wade, she didn’t get angry, instead, she said to Charlie wade with a fake smile on her face, “Mr. Wade, there will be a dinner party in the banquet hall later, please be sure to join Mr. Wade.”

      Charlie wade didn’t know what Olivia was selling in her gourd, but to him, even if all the people in the palace were added up, they wouldn’t be able to touch him, so he said with an indifferent face, “Yes, I will go there.”

      Hearing this, William at the side said with a smile, “That’s really great, today’s guests, apart from our family and relatives of the Nordic royal family, there are also some heads of the top four northern European families, so Mr. Wade can also get to know them properly then.”

      Charlie wade didn’t expect that even this guy called William was now smiling at himself, so it was clear that this p*ssy and Olivia must not have been holding back any good farts in the car just now.

      He then smiled and said to William, “It seems that Mr. William has already made all the arrangements for me, so I’ll respectfully do as I’m told.”

      William immediately laughed and said, “Mr. Wade is too kind, I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself tonight!”

      At that moment, Helena said, “Olivia, I want to go and see my grandmother!”

      ”See grandma?” Olivia laughed twice and said, “Grandma is in a deep coma, the doctor says she’s unlikely to wake up, so what’s the point of you going to see her now?”

      In Olivia’s opinion, Helena must still have a glimmer of hope in her anxiety to see the Queen, to plead with her or to sue her.

      But Olivia was not worried, for she knew very well that the Queen was at the end of her life and not only was she unlikely to wake up, but she did not even have long to live.

      At this point, Helena spoke up, “Olivia, Grandma is the Nordic Queen, and whether I am her granddaughter or her va*sal, I must go and pay my respects to her when I return, even if she is in a coma!”

      Said Helena, adding, “Besides, you and I, sisters, have something to whisper about.”

      Olivia put away her smile, nodded slowly and said with an expressionless face, “Good! In that case, I will take you to Grandmother first.”

      With that, she instructed the guards, “You will first escort the two guests to their rooms.”

      Helena was busy asking, “Can I ask Charlie wade to come with me?”

      Olivia frowned, “Didn’t you say you had something to whisper to me? What’s the point of letting Mr. Wade go?”

      Charlie wade knew that Helena must want herself to go and save her grandmother.