The Real Dragon Chapter 3457

But it’s a bit boring to go straight for it now, and besides, you haven’t seen Olivia and William’s little plot yet.

      What kind of a man goes straight in and gets right to the point right away? What kind of person would go straight to the point and give people a little foreplay and time to adapt?

      So, Charlie wade said with a smile, “You two sisters are chatting, so I won’t get involved.”

      After saying that, he gave Helena a rea*suring look.

      Seeing this, Helena could only nod and said, “Alright then, Olivia and I will go see Grandma first, so I’ll see you at the dinner.”

      Charlie wade nodded, “Good.”

      Charlie wade was led by the guards to a guest room on the third floor of the ancient castle.

      At this time, Helena, on the other hand, led by Olivia, went directly to the top floor of the ancient castle, which was the sixth floor.

      This floor was the area reserved for the entire royal family.

      The empress, who had basically been sentenced to death, was currently in a luxurious suite on the top floor.

      Half of this suite has been converted into an intensive care unit.

      Olivia brought Helena up and did not immediately enter the ward, but took her to the next room and instructed a maid, “Search her!”

      The maid immediately came up and checked Helena’s entire body. Finding that she only had a mobile phone, she handed it to Olivia and said respectfully, “Your Highness, only this.”

      Olivia nodded and instructed her, “Keep her phone for now.”

      After saying that, she waved at Helena and said, “Come with me.”

      Helena followed Olivia to the door of the ward. Olivia dismissed the guards outside the ward and sent the doctors on duty out with her before she led Helena into the ward.

      Inside the ward, an old, grey-haired woman lay expressionlessly on a hospital bed.

      She was very thin, with an oxygen mask fastened to her face, and her whole body did not move except for the slight rise and fall of her chest when she breathed.

      Seeing this old woman, Helena’s eyes reddened and she came to the hospital bed in tears, choking back sobs, “Grandma …… Grandma can you hear my voice? It’s Helena, I’ve come back to see you ……”

      Olivia sneered, “Helena, stop dreaming, there’s no way she’ll wake up and do you justice!”

      There was no one else here but the two of them, and the dying Queen, so Olivia immediately put away her hypocritical facade.

      Helena turned her head to Olivia and questioned, “Olivia, where the hell have you been hiding my mother?”

      Olivia grunted, “Don’t you think you’re being particularly childish asking such a question? How could I possibly tell you her whereabouts when I have to use your mother’s life to force you into submission?”

      Helena asked her through clenched teeth, “Olivia! I am your sister! It’s your family! Why are you doing this to me! Why are you doing this to my mother?!”

      Olivia sneered as she hugged her shoulders, “Come on Helena, what’s the point of playing this sentimental card at this point?”

      After a pause, Olivia added, “I’m telling you, you don’t have any choice now, marry Aman Ramovich after my wedding and I’ll spare your mother’s life! Otherwise, I will not only give you to Aman Ramovic by force, but I will also make your mother look like her now!”

      As she said this, Olivia pointed her finger towards, the Nordic Queen lying on the hospital bed.

      Helena looked at her dumbfounded at these words and questioned, “Grandma …… Grandma was killed by you?!”

      ”Of course I did!” Olivia sneered unscrupulously knowing that Helena didn’t have any recording or eavesdropping devices on her, “During her medical checkup last year, her health care doctor told me that with good care, she could live for at least another ten years, maybe even another twenty ……”

      ”D*mn, what crown prince can wait that long?! Ten years after another ten years, who knows how many more will follow? And who knows if she’ll be like the one in Great Britain and give me a super long stay?”

      ”So, in order to succeed the throne as soon as possible, I can only use some tactics to shorten her standby time as much as possible!”