The Real Dragon Chapter 3458

Helena really didn’t think that Olivia was behind the fact that her grandmother was now seriously ill and unconscious!

      At the same time, she could not help but feel a chill down her back ……

      She had never realized before that her cousin was actually such a sinister and poisonous woman at heart!

      Not only was she scheming against herself, but she was even sparing her grandmother, the reigning empress!

      Furious, Helena pointed her finger at Olivia and said, “Olivia, do you know that murdering the Queen is a serious crime against the state? In the old days, you would have been hanged!”

      Olivia bristled, sneering with disdain, “The gallows? To tell you the truth, the old woman’s fate is in my hands, if I tell her to die today, she won’t live to see tomorrow! If I tell her to die tomorrow, she will not live until the day after tomorrow! If she dies, I will immediately be crowned Nordic Queen! And when that happens, who will be able to do anything to me?”

      Helena said through clenched teeth, “Don’t you forget! The royal family is only a symbol to this country, even if you are the Queen, you are still a citizen of this country and have to abide by the laws of this country. If what you have done is known to the outside world, even if you have been crowned Queen, you will definitely be caught and tried in public!”

      Olivia asked dismissively in return, “But who on the outside would know? You? Do you really think that if you say something, outsiders will believe it?”

      With that, Olivia snickered without waiting for Helena to say anything, “Oh yes, you won’t have the chance to talk to outsiders either, because from now on, you are not allowed to leave the palace half a step, nor are you allowed to have any contact with the outside world!”

      Helena sneered, “What? You want to put me under house arrest? Don’t you forget that everyone knows I’m back in Northern Europe, what will they think if I don’t turn up at your wedding tomorrow?”

      Olivia said dismissively, “You’ll be making a short video tonight telling everyone that you’ve had a sudden bout of ill health and are in bed to recuperate and can’t be my bridesmaid!”

      Helena blurted out, “You’re dreaming! I’m not filming that!”

      Olivia laughed, “It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to film it, but I’ll have your mother’s two eyes gouged out and I’ll have the whole thing on video for you to see!”

      Helena was shaking with anger and rebuked, “Olivia! You’re a monster!”

      Olivia bristled, “I’m not the devil, I’m the future Nordic Queen!”

      With that, she stared into Helena’s eyes and said, word for word, “Helena! You will never be a match for me! If you want your mother to survive, you will listen to me honestly, otherwise not only will your mother not survive, but neither will you!”

      Helena was furious to the core in her heart, but she also knew very well that she was no match for Olivia.

      The only hope for herself was Charlie wade.

      So, she could only give in to Olivia and spoke, “You let me think about it for a while ……”

      Olivia sneered, “Remember, the video must be sent out before eleven o’clock at night.”

      ”Good ……” Helena nodded in agreement.


      7pm local Nordic time.

      The reception dinner within the royal family was held in the banquet hall of the palace.

      The Western-style banquet was very different from the East, and instead of dividing the scene into several round tables, an extra-long long table was set up, with more than ten fine dining chairs on each side of the long table.

      There were not many guests at the dinner, less than twenty in total, including Olivia and William’s parents.

      Most of the guests are close friends and relatives of the two families, which is why they have been invited to stay at the palace a day early.

      Most of the guests will arrive at the Palace early tomorrow morning for the wedding.