The Real Dragon Chapter 3459

Helena had come down with Olivia.

      Because she had been threatened by Olivia, Helena’s mood had been somewhat apprehensive.

      As soon as she arrived at the banquet hall, she immediately started to look around for Charlie wade’s shadow, because at the moment, only when she saw him could she put her mind at ease.

      But Charlie wade did not appear in the ballroom.

      When Olivia’s father, Richard, saw Helena, he immediately smiled and said, “Helena, you’re back!”

      Helena looked at Richard, she didn’t know if her uncle was involved in putting her grandmother into a deep coma, but her heart was still very wary of this man, so she spoke, “Uncle Richard, how have you been?”

      Richard sighed lightly and said, “Other than your grandmother’s health, which is worrying me, I’m fine.”

      As he spoke, Amanramovich came over, looked at Helena with some fascination, then stepped in front of Richard and said respectfully, “Hello, Prince Richard! I am Amanramovich and I am honoured to meet you!”

      Richard nodded slightly and said with a smile, “I have heard a lot about Mr. Amanramovich, but I only had the opportunity to meet him today.”

      Richard added, “By the way, I’ve always liked that Premier League team you bought, so I must go and see a live game in England if I have the chance!”

      Aman Ramovic said with a surprised look on his face, “Your Royal Highness likes football too? If so, then come to London next week if you have time, it just so happens that the team has a home game next week!”

      Richard nodded and said, “If there is nothing else on the royal side, I would really like to make a trip to London, just for a short break.”

      With that, he sighed and laughed to himself, “But the Royal Family has too much going on every day to get away, so I guess the break will have to wait for a while longer!”

      Aman Ramovic smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s almost summer and there are a particularly large number of summer games, so when the new Champions League season starts, maybe we’ll play away to northern Europe.”

      ”Yes.” Richard nodded and smiled, “I didn’t think you and I had much in common, so you and Helena will sit next to me!”

      After saying that, he pointed to the two empty seats to his right and said to Helena, “Helena, you sit with Mr. Amanramovich.”

      Helena said awkwardly, “Uncle, I have a friend who has come from far away and he is not familiar with the place, so I’d better join him.”

      Richard said lightly, “You are talking about the man from the wade family, right?”

      ”Yes.” Helena said busily, “The one from the wade family this time is Feb wade’s cousin and the first son and grandson of the wade family.”

      Richard grunted and said, “I really don’t understand the wade family, after such a big incident at home, why they don’t stay home and clean up the mess, but have to come to Scandinavia to make a fool of themselves.”

      Helena had to explain, “Don’t say that, Uncle. The wade family is very kind, after all, I am their future daughter-in-law and they thought it would be a bit rude to let me come back alone.”

      Richard said casually, “I was not in favour of you marrying in China. In all our years, our royal family has never married anyone from outside Europe. “

      With that, he glanced at Amanramovic and said casually, “In my opinion, a young talent like Mr. Amanramovic in Europe is not in any way inferior to the wade family!”

      Helena said with a difficult face, “Uncle …… The marriage contract has been made, how can we change it just like that …… If word gets out, people will say that our royal family has no credibility ……”

      Richard said unconcernedly, “After such a big incident in the wade family, it is reasonable for us to change the marriage contract.”

      Helena was busy saying, “But I can’t explain to the wade family either ……”

      Richard waved his hand and said disdainfully, “What’s not to explain? Where’s the guy from the wade family? Let him come over, I will talk to him personally!”

      Richard’s words just fell, Charlie wade stepped into the banquet hall, smiling as he walked and asked, “I’m here, which one wants to talk to me?”