The Real Dragon Chapter 3460

Seeing the yellow-skinned, dark-eyed Charlie wade walk in, Richard immediately guessed that he was a member of the Wade family, even though he had never seen him before, and said with a leathery smile, “This gentleman, I believe he is a member of the Wade family?”

        “Yes.” Charlie wade nodded slightly and asked with a smile, “I heard a general idea when I came in just now, do you have something to talk to me about?”

        Olivia, who was at the side, immediately said, “Charlie wade, this is my father, Prince Richard of the Nordic royal family!”

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “Prince Richard doesn’t know what you want to teach me?”

        Richard adjusted the knot of his tie and said with a proud look on his face, “When we made the marriage contract with the Wade family, we did not know that your Wade family would be involved with a mercenary organisation like the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall! We, the Nordic royal family, have never been involved with such a grey organisation! Therefore, in order to maintain the royal family’s reputation, we naturally cannot continue to honour our marriage contract with the Wade family. I hope that you will take my words to the Wade family head when you return.”

        Saying that, he glanced at Helena and added, “As for Helena, since she has already returned, she will stay directly with the royal family this time and will not return to China with you.”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Prince Richard, you are seeing that my Wade family has lost its power, so you want to unilaterally repent the marriage! If that’s the case, you can just say so, why do you have to make such a big circle and bring the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple into this?”

        As he said that, Charlie wade said with a playful expression, “If the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall knows that you are using them as a shield to withdraw from the marriage, what if you P*ss off Wan Bajun and he has to kill you in his head, what will you do then?

        Richard’s expression changed instantly, and his heart panicked.

        He had wanted to find a reason to repent the marriage with the Wade family, but if he said straight out that the Wade family had lost its power and that the royal family was no longer willing to play with you, then if word got out, everyone would see that the royal family had broken their word and gone back on their word.

        Therefore, he could only blame the reason on principle.

        The most reasonable way to say it was to take the principle of the royal family’s cleanliness, and since the Wade family had compromised with the Vandal Palace, it was proof that the Wade family was involved with the Vandal Palace, and my royal family did not want to dirty itself with the Vandal Palace, so it was much more logical to withdraw from the Wade family.

        However, how could Richard have imagined that Charlie wade was such a capable master of picking fights.

        As soon as he heard what he said, he immediately said that he was using the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall as a shield, and then directly brought out the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall as a threat, immediately causing Richard to lose his composure.

        Even though he was a proud prince of the royal family, he could be scared out of his wits if he faced the Palace of the Ten Thousand Dragons.

        So he hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I didn’t mean that! Don’t talk nonsense!”

        Charlie wade laughed, “What am I talking nonsense about? What you said just now, so many people are listening, am I wrong?”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Don’t worry, I will definitely bring your words, in their original form, to Wan Breaking Jun. As for whether you deliberately stepped on him or not, let him judge for himself.”

        When Olivia saw that Charlie wade had even brought up Wan Breaking Army to threaten her father, she immediately said in annoyance, “Charlie wade! You don’t have to talk out of your a*s here! Your Wade family has a grudge against Wan Breaking Army for killing your father, and you were killed by Wan Breaking Army yourself, losing your ancestral tomb and half of your family fortune, and no one in the world knows about it, and now you dare to bring up Wan Breaking Army to threaten others.

        When the others heard these words, they also instantly looked at each other with approval