The Real Dragon Chapter 3461

After all, the Wade family had just been taught a lesson to death by Wan Breaking Army, and to bring Wan Breaking Army out to scare others at this time was indeed very untrustworthy.

Aman Ramovich, who was sitting next to Helena, said with a smile on his face, “Mr. Wade, the marriage contract itself is a contract, one can choose to perform or not of course, if both parties have set a breach of contract clause in the first place, then the non-performing party will have to pay compensation according to the clause, if there is no breach of contract clause, it’s more of a free decision! We are all civilized people, so there is no need to make such personal threats, right?”

Charlie wade frowned and asked, “Let me ask you, what kind of person are you? Do you have the right to speak here?”

Aman Ramovich didn’t think that Charlie wade, who looked like a brat, would dare to publicly humiliate him on such an occasion!

Charlie wade looked like he was in his twenties, but Aman Ramovich was already in his fifties, almost twenty years older than Charlie wade, so naturally, he could not bear to be humiliated by Charlie wade in such a way.

So, he immediately stood up, slapped the table and cursed angrily, “Surnamed Wade! Do you know that this is Europe? Do you still think you are in China? Just by your rudeness to me just now, I can make you die in Europe do you believe?”

Charlie wade saw Aman Ramovich gnashing his teeth, and instead of speaking, he suddenly stepped forward, grabbed him by the collar and slapped him hard across the face, pushing him backwards afterwards, causing him to fall on his back.

Everyone at the scene was speechless with shock.

No one had expected that Charlie wade would just do it when he said he would!

Richard, who was the host, was also confused and didn’t know what to do at once.

Aman Ramovic also didn’t expect Charlie wade to hit him directly, and the slap was so hard that he fell backwards.

These people were all so-called aristocratic gentlemen in Europe, who believed in the dogma that I could kill his family behind their backs, but on the surface, they had to be polite and courteous, not to lose their aristocratic manners.

But who could have imagined that Charlie wade would act in such a brutal manner, and without saying a word, he just came up and did it, knocking Aman Ramovic to the ground in one go.

As everyone was dumbfounded, Charlie wade moved a new chair and sat on the seat before Amanramovich, saying in a cold voice: “A mere Nordic royal family and a Russian oligarch with only US$20 billion in a*sets, and you think my Wade family is a soft touch? The a*sets of the two of you combined are not even a tenth of my Wade family!”

After saying that, Charlie wade twisted his head to look at Aman Ramovich and said indifferently, “I know you have some background in Russia, and you can also hire some special resources, but I can tell you clearly, with that little strength of yours, you are not even a fart in front of me, so if you have the sense to move your chair and sit away, otherwise, I have ways to make your life worse than death. “

Aman Ramovich was intimidated by Charlie wade’s coldness, but for a while he was unwilling to admit defeat in front of so many people.

At this time, Prince Richard, who was at the side, thought repeatedly deep inside, “Why is this fellow surnamed Wade so arrogant? Wasn’t their Wade family just cleaned up by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall? Doesn’t he know how to keep a low profile at all?”

As he was wondering, he suddenly thought of something and exclaimed in his heart, “Oh no! I almost forgot! The Wade family has taken half of the Wade family’s a*sets, so it can’t be all cash, a large portion of it must be the Wade family’s shares! The Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is not good at running businesses, won’t they still have to rely on the Wade family to run them in the future?”

“In that case, although the Wade family has lost half of its a*sets, the Wade family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple should somehow be integrated and become a community of interest!”

Thinking of this, Richard was horrified: “No wonder this Charlie wade has no fear! The Wade Family is now substantially bound to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!”