The Real Dragon Chapter 3464

Richard, because of his own inner mind, was already treating Charlie wade as a plague at the moment.

        At the moment, he only wanted to stabilise the situation and not to have any new conflicts with Charlie wade.

        So, he quietly gave Olivia a warning look before he asked Charlie wade, “Mr Wade, shall we officially begin?”

        Charlie wade nodded slightly and did not say anything.

        Richard breathed a sigh of relief and only then hurriedly announced that this pre-wedding banquet for friends and family had officially begun.

        During the banquet, Richard put aside his previous so-called royal stance and toasted Charlie wade frequently, with respectful expressions and words.

        Olivia couldn’t understand, so she called her father aside and asked him in a low voice, “Dad, what’s wrong with you half the time? Why are you being so humble to that Charlie wade?”

        Richard warned, “I’m afraid the Wade family and the Vanguard Dragon Temple are working closely together, so you should not touch Charlie wade’s brow for the time being.”

        Only then did Olivia think about it and hurriedly asked, “Dad, what about Helena’s marriage?”

        Richard said, “Hold off on this matter for now, look at that obsequious Aman Ramovich, even if you ask him to take Helena away, he may not dare to do so.”

        Olivia gritted her teeth and said with resignation, “If Helena marries into the Wade family, won’t she have the backing of the Vanguard Palace?”

        Richard rea*sured, “Don’t think about that right now, hurry up and finish the wedding, then just hurry up and ascend the throne, there’s nothing more important than that! As for Helena, you don’t have to worry too much, she is seriously ill herself, even if she marries into the Wade family and has the backing of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace, how many years will she live?”

        When Olivia heard this, her expression finally eased a little.

        However, her mind could not help but recall her fiancé William’s previous plan to punk Charlie wade for a sum of money, and wanted to open her mouth to seek her father’s advice.

        However, on second thought, she thought that her father was a bit too afraid of Charlie wade nowadays and would definitely not agree if he knew about it, so she didn’t say anything more.

        Back at the table, William asked her in a low voice, “Olivia, do you still want to do that thing we discussed?”

        “Do it!” Olivia whispered in response, “As long as that lotus officer you mentioned is a good one and doesn’t get found out, it’s just square and no one is afraid.”

        In Olivia’s opinion, although the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was powerful, it did not dare to do everything, if Charlie wade lost his money here today, then he would have to be willing to gamble. The Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was after all a mercenary organisation, not an evil organisation, if they dared to come out, then naturally it would trigger a boycott from the whole society.

        Therefore, this time, no matter what was said, Charlie wade could not be let go easily, or at least, that Concorde had to be left behind.

        To these two people, the Concorde, a top luxury for top players, was an unparalleled attraction, and since they had already moved on, they would definitely not be easily put off.

        Sure enough, when the dinner was almost underway, a young man of about thirty years old at the table said with a smile, “Gentlemen, it’s still early, would you like to play a couple of games of poker?”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade raised his eyebrows gently and said, “Finally, it’s coming.”

        As soon as they heard that they were going to play poker, several other young people at the table got excited and raised their hands one by one, and one of them said with a smile, “Sure! How about a couple of hands of Texas Hold’em?”

        “I’m in!”

        “That’s on me too!”

        In the blink of an eye, five people raised their hands.

        William deliberately didn’t raise his hand first, but waited until these few people were all eager to try before he spoke, “Then count me in too.”