The Real Dragon Chapter 3470

The hand that immediately followed took on a little new meaning.

        When dealt four cards, Charlie wade quickly got three aces, two of which were on the bright side.

        William, on the other hand, was bullish, as his cards were 10, J, Q, K, and a clear spade.

        Seeing this card, William knew in his heart that his buddy, the dealer, should be planning to give himself a straight flush and then give Charlie wade a four aces.

        A straight flush was the biggest hand in Texas Hold’em, killing all others.

        And since Charlie wade had already exposed two aces at this point, the best hand type would be a four ace.

        Even if he had four aces, there was no way he could win a straight flush.

        Therefore, William had no doubt that Charlie wade would lose this hand, while he would win.

        But Charlie wade didn’t seem to believe in evil, and after a few rounds of betting, he put almost all of his chips in.

        Seeing the last card being dealt, Charlie wade smiled and said, “Mr. William, if I lose this hand, the plane will be yours and one billion euros will be transferred to the treasury immediately.”

        William was so excited that his heart rate went haywire and he blurted out, “Sorry, Mr. Wade, looking at the shape of the cards, I’ve made you break the bank today!”

        “Ha!” Charlie wade waved his hand unconcernedly and said in a light-hearted manner, “What’s this amount of money? When the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple asked for several hundred billion euros from my Wade family, didn’t we also give it painfully?”

        As he said that, Charlie wade laughed and said in a tone of voice, “I am your god of wealth today, I came all the way here to give you some pocket money, how much you can win depends on your ability!”

        Saying that, Charlie wade glanced at the lottery official and smiled, “Come on, deal the cards!”

        The lotus officer immediately started dealing the last card.

        The card that was given to Charlie wade was an Ace of Spades.

        Seeing Charlie wade get the Ace of Spades, William wasn’t surprised at all.

        It seemed that his friend was just going to give Charlie wade a hand of four aces of spades, which was a card type second only to a straight flush.

        However, William believed that the hand his friend had made for himself must be a flush of 9, 10, J, Q and K.

        As long as he got a straight flush, he would definitely win against Charlie wade’s four aces.

        Therefore, he was very determined that his last card must be the nine of spades!

        At this time, Charlie wade directly turned over his bottom card as well and said indifferently, “Mr. William, I am the four aces, it seems that the only way you can beat me is to take a straight flush, which is not so easy to take.”

        William smiled confidently, “Mr. Wade, I am particularly lucky today, so I am sure that my last card will be the nine of spades!”

        Charlie wade brushed his lips, “Don’t come with me, I don’t believe you at all!”

        William raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile, “Since Mr. Wade doesn’t believe me, why don’t you just let the dealer deal the cards and let’s hurry up and decide the winner?”

        “No!” Charlie wade reached out to stop him and laughed, “Since we’re playing, why don’t we play a little bigger?

        Everyone in the room went crazy.

        One person blurted out, “An additional two billion euros each? This …… is going to play for keeps!”

        Another chimed in, “In all my f*cking life, I’ve never seen such a big bet ……”

        “Yeah …… it’s …… too …… too f*cking exciting!”

        William was also dumbfounded.

        If we were to say that Charlie wade’s previous performance was that of a qualified money scatterer, then now Charlie wade’s performance, in his opinion, was on the verge of becoming a money scattering Jesus.

        I had seen people who gave away money, but I had never really seen such a person give away money.

        An additional two billion directly?

        This was such a big gift of money, so big that he, William, didn’t even dare to ask for it!

        So, he said somewhat nervously, “Wade …… Mr. Wade …… In my opinion, we should not add more to this game …… two billion euros is really too big, even if you don’t take money seriously anymore, you can’t throw money like this ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “You haven’t even opened this card yet, how do you know that it must be me throwing money around?”