The Real Dragon Chapter 3474

At this moment, William’s entire inner defence had completely collapsed.

        He knew very well in his heart that once this kind of matter really came to court, he would definitely be the one to lose, and it would definitely be a miserable defeat!

        Not to mention the fact that the IOU he had written with his own hand was in Charlie wade’s hand, just the fact that he, as a descendant of the Rothschild family, and as the fiancé of the Nordic Queen’s upcoming wedding, would cheat on others in a poker game was enough to ruin his reputation.

        What’s more, it was three billion euros and a plane!

        If word got out, this would be the biggest gambling scam in the world! It would be an absolute disaster for the family’s reputation!

        In Europe, the royal family and the great families are most concerned with their reputation.

        If a member of the royal family, even if he is a prince, does something that the royal family is not allowed to do and it is made public, the royal family will strip him of his royal status and expel him from the palace in order to save its face.

        There is one prince in Great Britain who has already been removed from the royal family.

        So, if this matter were to break out, it would be absolutely impossible for William and Olivia’s wedding to go ahead.

        Moreover, if such a humiliating matter were to get out, it would be a disgrace to the entire Rothschild family!

        This third-ranking family would not normally be noticed by the core members of the Rothschild family at all.

        But if such an international scandal were to occur, the core members of the Rothschild family would be outraged!

        And then, William’s entire family would be in danger of being destroyed!

        But there was something even more terrible.

        In Europe, cheating while gambling is the same as fraud! It is punishable as fraud!

        And the amount of money William had cheated was so huge that it would have put him behind bars!

        As soon as he thought of this, he immediately fell to his knees, crying and begging, “Charlie wade …… I was wrong …… I shouldn’t have cheated to hurt you …… please! For the sake of my wedding tomorrow, please spare me …… If this matter is really exposed, my life will be ruined!”

        Charlie wade nodded and casually said, “Then it’s ruined, what does it have to do with me?”

        William knelt on the ground and kowtowed repeatedly, crying, “Charlie wade …… beg you to give me another chance for the sake of my first offense …… I really know that I am wrong, and I will definitely ask my family to find a way to help me repay this gambling debt, just beg you to give me a break ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “You have to understand one thing, now you owe me this 2 billion is written clearly in black and white, as long as I go to the court to sue you, you also definitely have to pay me back, in that case, then why should I hold my hand high to you?”

        William was nearly desperate and cried, “Charlie wade …… what on earth do you have to do to forgive me? What exactly do you have to do to keep this matter from going to court?”

        Charlie wade smiled blandly and said, “This matter depends on your family’s sincerity.”

        After that, he looked at Olivia and said, “Olivia, William’s parents should be in the banquet hall on the ground floor drinking with your parents, now that William has caused such a big trouble, I think he can’t solve it, so you should go and call William’s parents up and see how William’s family is going to solve this matter.”

        Olivia was also on the verge of a breakdown at this point.

        She was getting married tomorrow, and the whole country, and indeed all of Europe, would be watching her wedding ceremony tomorrow.

        If at this time, her fiancé spread such a big scandal and was arrested by the judiciary, then her reputation as the future queen would be ruined in advance!

        Therefore, like William, she said that nothing could be done to make this matter public.