The Real Dragon Chapter 3475

So, she hurriedly said to Charlie wade, “Mr Wade, please wait a moment, I’ll go and invite William’s parents up!”

        After saying that, she hurriedly ran out.

        At this moment, inside the banquet hall.

        Richard Iliad, was pushing gla*ses together with George Rothschild.

        Aman Ramovich, who had been slapped by Charlie wade, had long since gone to his room unhappily, and their wives had also gone to their rooms first because they were not up to the task of drinking.

        In the banquet hall, these two men were left to drink freely, one cup for each of you and one cup for each of me.

        After all, tomorrow is the day of their children’s wedding, and it won’t be long before Olivia is crowned Queen.

        William, her husband, will also be officially crowned Prince.

        By then, with the title of Prince, William would have made a name for himself in the Rothschild family.

        Perhaps the whole family would be able to rise to the second rung of the Rothschild ladder.

        Just as the two of them were happily drinking, Olivia came running down, panting, “Dad! Uncle George! You guys get up to the second floor! William’s in big trouble!”

        “Trouble?” George, William’s father, asked with a surprised look on his face, “Didn’t you youngsters go to play cards? What kind of trouble could William be in?”

        Olivia cried, “William was so intent on setting up a game for Charlie wade that he joined forces with a friend of his to cheat on Charlie wade, but he was caught out by Charlie wade and lost two billion euros to Charlie wade, and now Charlie wade is making a scene and wants to take him to court ……”

        “What?!” George felt a dizzy spell and blurted out, “What kind of courage did he have to eat, how dare he cheat on Charlie wade? And to make such a big …… deal, didn’t I tell him not to mess with that Wade surname?”

        Olivia also said with immense regret, “William was thinking that this matter could definitely be done unnoticed, and that he could win a sum of money from Charlie wade and also have a chance to win Charlie wade’s Concorde over, but he never thought that he would still lose two billion to Charlie wade in the end ……”

        George was about to collapse after hearing this.

        Two billion euros is how big a huge amount of money naturally need not be said, the key is that this matter has come to this situation, if Charlie wade really want to stab him out, then his son will be completely finished.

        In Europe, if a person’s reputation goes bankrupt, then everything he has will also go bankrupt with him.

        Moreover, with such a large amount of money, jail time would be from now until his eightieth birthday!

        He had only one son, so he couldn’t let him go to jail!

        Therefore, the first thing George realised was that the most important thing right now was that he could not let Charlie wade stir up this matter!

        He had to do everything he could to reconcile with Charlie wade!

        So, he hurriedly got up and said, “Take me there! I’ll go and talk to Charlie wade!”

        Richard also said nervously, “I’ll come with you!”

        Soon, the two men joined Olivia and ran into the chess room on the first floor.

        As soon as they entered the room, they saw William, who had broken one of his hands, was now kneeling on the floor crying in pain.

        Charlie wade, on the other hand, was at that moment standing in front of him with his shoulders clasped and an arrogant look on his face.

        As soon as George entered, he did not dare to care for his son and hurriedly came to Charlie wade and said in a low voice, “Mr. Wade, this matter is my fault for not teaching my son properly, I did not expect this rebellious son to do such a treacherous thing anymore, I still hope you can forgive me ……”

        Charlie wade asked him rhetorically, “He is your son, not my son, why should I forgive him?”