The Real Dragon Chapter 3476

Seeing that Charlie wade did not buy his plea, George hurriedly added, “Mr. Wade, my son has made a mistake, I as a father will definitely try to make up for it, I will do my best to solve the problem, please don’t be so angry!”

        Charlie wade nodded and said, “Since you have this attitude, then I won’t talk nonsense with you. Your son dares to set me up, and he wants to cheat me with 3 billion euros and >a Concorde at once.

        George’s face was filled with cold sweat.

        He also did not expect that his son would be so bold.

        Three billion euros, a Concorde …… This is not f*cking gambling coming, this is eating people coming!

        Before he could think of how to give Charlie wade a satisfactory reply, Charlie wade shook the two billion euro IOU in his hand and said indifferently, “And this IOU is written by your son himself, he owes me two billion euros, how are you going to settle this debt?”

        George immediately wiped his head full of sweat, such a large amount, and the other party is also the Wade family, he immediately realized, if this matter is not resolved properly, his son will probably be in jail!

        Moreover, tomorrow was also the day of his wedding to Olivia, and if William went in, it would be all over.

        Therefore, everything has to be in the interest of the greater good, so George clenched his teeth and said: “Mr. Wade …… this two billion euro debt, I …… will pay it for my son! Please be generous and give me a hand!”

        George was already bleeding profusely this time!

        Two billion euros, which was 20% of his family’s entire a*sets, was taken out to Charlie wade in one go, and the loss was already extremely heavy.

        But now in this situation, it was no longer possible for George to hesitate.

        A slight hesitation and this matter could possibly be irreversible.

        Charlie wade did not look satisfied at all at this time, but said with a face full of disdain, “Even if you pay me 2 billion euros, it will only solve the matter of the debt, how will he solve the matter of cheating to trap me?”

        “You should know that this note is written in black and white by your son himself, and there is also his hand seal, even if you sue to the court, you are still going to return this money to me, and I believe that the court in Northern Europe, is definitely able to help me to get justice.”

        After saying that, Charlie wade deliberately looked at Olivia, and then said aloud, “And I still don’t know if there are any of William’s accomplices in your gang! I’ll hand this matter over to the Nordic judicial authorities, and I’m sure they’ll be able to find out everything!”

        Seeing that Charlie wade wanted to tell the truth, George’s blood pressure rose and his brain became dizzy.

        Not only him, but also Olivia was on the verge of collapse!

        In her heart, she thought nervously and incomparably: “This time to make a game to pit Charlie wade, although it was William’s idea, but I also knew about it from the beginning, and also discussed it with William, even the venue to carry out the criminal act was provided by me, and even I had long ago clarified with William the ratio of one person to half of the spoils, so at the legal level, I am definitely considered his accomplice ……”

        “If Charlie wade really exposes this matter and leaves it to the judicial system to solve, then the judicial system will definitely try William first!”

        “And a stinking fool like William, who is not useful in appearance, will surely give me up very quickly at that time ……”

        “If it becomes known that the future Queen of Northern Europe has set up a trap to bilk people out of huge sums of money, then I definitely won’t have a chance to inherit the throne ……”

        Olivia, whose heart was beating in her throat, rushed to her father Richard’s side and whispered in his ear, crying, “Dad …… this matter must not leave this room no matter what, because this matter was planned by me and William together, once he is caught he will definitely give me up, then I It would be the end of me ……”

        When Richard heard this, his eyes went black and he almost fell to the ground.