The Real Dragon Chapter 3477

He could not easily recover, gritting his teeth and staring at Olivia, asking in a low voice, “What is your brain made of? A person who will soon inherit the throne and become the Queen, how dare she participate in this kind of cheating gambling game, you …… you are trying to make me die!”

        Richard was really going crazy.

        Although the Nordic royal family is well loved by the people in Northern Europe, but to put it bluntly, it is a family of mascots, in law, there are no privileges.

        And the actual running of the Nordic country is all in the hands of the Nordic government team.

        The cabinet and parliament are the real administrators of the country, the royal family has no real power whatsoever, and once the royal family breaks the law, it is the Nordic judiciary that will not cover them up.

        Thinking of this, Richard hurriedly intervened and said, “Mr. Wade, of course William was wrong! Of course he should be punished! But please don’t take George’s attitude of solving the problem so positively. ……”

        The Rothschild family should pay you a portion of the compensation as a private settlement, what do you think?”

        Once George heard this, he also immediately nodded his head repeatedly and begged, “Mr. Wade, name a figure, as long as it is within our affordability, we will never hesitate!”

        Charlie wade grunted and bristled, “Do you think this matter can be solved by taking money? Do you think my Wade family is short of money? We have given hundreds of billions of euros to the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, what is money to me?”

        As he said that, Charlie wade’s expression gradually turned cold as he said in a stern voice, “I just want to take my f*cking revenge now! No one has dared to screw me like this since I was a kid! Last time, an unscrupulous person stole my bank card and transferred more than 20 billion RMB from me, I thought she was already daring and unmatched, but today someone wants to cheat me out of 3 billion euros and a Concorde! Your William has a lot of nerve!”

        The next thing he knew, George had kicked the kneeling William to the ground, then rushed up to him, took him by the collar and slapped him back and forth across the face seven or eight times.

        As he did so, he cursed, “You’re a ba sta rd who’s not good enough to do anything! I must beat you to death today to give Mr. Wade a taste of his own medicine!”

        William’s eyes were burning and tears were flowing, but he didn’t dare to say a word.

        He knew that he had caused a big trouble, and if he didn’t satisfy Charlie wade today, he would be all finished.

        Therefore, he could only grit his teeth and endure the beating now.

        After George had slapped him seven or eight times, he looked up at Charlie wade and saw that Charlie wade’s expression did not care at all, so he knew that he must not be relieved yet.

        So, he gritted his teeth and slapped him a dozen more times, causing William’s cheeks to fill with blood.

        Seeing that William was almost unconscious, George had to stop and turn to Charlie wade and begged, “Mr. Wade, you can’t beat him anymore …… If you keep on beating him, William won’t be able to hold his wedding tomorrow …… Please, for the sake of him being in this state, spare him. For the sake of his condition, please spare him once ……”

        Charlie wade sneered, “Your son stirred up such a big thing, and you still think about having a wedding? You’ve got a big heart! I advise you to hurry up, while it is not yet the wedding day, just announce the wedding postponed, wait for William to be released from prison and then make up for it, then Olivia can still have a reputation of being infatuated with absolute love!”

        Speaking of this, Charlie wade said with a longing expression, “Think about it! A young girl who waits for her lover to be released from prison until she is seventy or eighty years old! What a touching love story is that?”

        “And in the end, when two grey-haired couples walk hand in hand into the hall of marriage and announce to the world that they have finally made it, everyone will be touched by them!

        “There is no other example of this kind in the world, is there? In my opinion, it will become a love story comparable to Romeo and Juliet!”