The Real Dragon Chapter 3480

Charlie wade has now taken these two people to their knees.

        Neither William nor Olivia could bear the consequences of this matter coming to light.

        Therefore, they would definitely do their best to find a solution to this problem.

        Although five billion euros was a lot, for them, if they tightened their belts, they would be able to get it out.

        Therefore, Charlie wade felt that there were times when he just had to push his enemies, and if he didn’t, they wouldn’t know how much money they could actually come up with.

        Olivia’s father, Richard, at this point, his whole person was incredibly nervous.

        He knew that Charlie wade had now caught the soft underbelly of his family, and if this matter really came to light, the royal majesty would be gone.

        At that time, it would be impossible for the nation to allow Olivia, a member of the royal family suspected of committing a crime, to inherit the throne.

        By the same token, it is unlikely that they will allow themselves to inherit the throne, as they are Olivia’s biological father.

        At that time, the one most qualified to inherit the throne would instead become Helena, who had been by Charlie wade’s side without saying a word!

        Richard must not allow such a thing to happen!

        So, he said without hesitation, “Mr. Wade! This matter is indeed my incompetence in teaching my daughter, we are willing to actively resolve this matter, please wait for a moment while I discuss it with the Rothschild family!”

        Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “Go ahead and discuss, I’ll give you half an hour, and tell me the result in half an hour.”

        Richard hurriedly said, “Yes, yes! Mr. Wade you please wait a moment ……”

        After saying that, he immediately looked at William’s father, George, and spoke, “George, let’s talk about this matter in private!”

        George also agreed in a panic, so he said to Charlie wade respectfully, “Mr. Wade, let’s go out and discuss it first, and give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible!”

        Charlie wade waved his hand, “You guys just discuss it here, I’ll go with Helena to see the Queen, she wants to spend more time with the old man.”

        No one took Helena’s desire to go and see the Queen seriously.

        All they could think of now was to hurry up and get the solution settled.

        Richard then said without hesitation, “Mr. Wade, you and Helena can go straight up, and I will personally meet you in the ward after we have negotiated a result here!”

        “Good!” Charlie wade nodded slightly, and then said to Helena, “Helena, let’s go.”

        Helena hurriedly followed behind Charlie wade and quickly walked out of the chess room.

        As soon as Charlie wade left, William went crazy and rushed up to beat up his lottery friend, cursing angrily as he did so, “How dare you f*cking cheat me! I’ll kill you!”

        His father, George, rushed to stop him and yelled out, “William! It is imperative that we find a solution as soon as possible! You don’t want to make a scene here!”

        William had to stop moving.

        At this point Richard said to the others, “Gentlemen, please give us some space to be alone, we have some matters to discuss.”

        Naturally, the crowd knew the huge problems these two families were currently facing, so they left.

        The lotus officer who had been psychologically implicated by Charlie wade was as if he had lost his soul, so he was taken out by the others.

        After there were only four members of the two families left, George said, “Gentlemen, we must first reach a consensus, that is, we must stabilise Charlie wade tonight, and we must not let him tell anyone about this matter, otherwise our two families will all be ruined!”

        Richard sighed, “Charlie wade is asking for 5 billion euros, that’s 10,000 times scarier than a bandit! Where are we going to get so much money for him?”

        Olivia looked at William and said in exasperation, “William! This matter is all your fault for being greedy! Now Charlie wade wants five billion euros in compensation, and I think you’ll have to pay it all!”