The Real Dragon Chapter 3481

“I’ll pay all of it?” When William heard this, he exploded and said in a stern voice, “Olivia, when you said you wanted half of the money before, I didn’t complain a word.

        At this point Richard said, “William! There’s no point in arguing at this point! Both you and Olivia must work together to get through this, or tomorrow, at dawn, will be the day you and our two families will be discredited!”

        After that, he looked at George and said through clenched teeth, “Charlie wade asks for five billion euros, we, the Iliad family, can offer at most one billion euros, the rest is up to you.”

        George sighed.

        The Nordic royal family was only willing to pay one billion, that did leave him with a bit of a funding gap.

        However, being willing to pay was already very good, after all, he knew the Nordic Royal Family’s actual situation, and coming up with a billion in cash was definitely their limit.

        However, four billion euros in cash is also an impossible task for him.

        Given his family’s current financial situation, the most he could come up with today would be three billion euros.

        If he wanted to come up with four billion, he would have to get rid of some of his a*sets first, and that was not something that could be solved overnight.

        So he spoke up, “I simply cannot afford to settle for four billion euros right now, that’s nearly five billion dollars! Where am I going to get that much cash to give to Charlie wade?”

        Richard asked him, “And what is the most you can come up with?”

        George blurted out, “At most, it’s three billion euros!”

        As soon as Richard heard this, he immediately sighed, “George, if you expect us to come up with two billion euros, then I can tell you categorically that it’s simply impossible! It’s not that I’m not willing to share it with you, but I simply can’t come up with that much cash! All the a*sets of the Royal Family combined are just under three billion euros, and a large part of that is in my mother’s name, and until she dies, no one can touch that a*set!”

        George also knew that what Richard said was true, so he asked him impotently, “What then? Should we just tell Charlie wade that we can’t get that much money together?”

        “Definitely not ……” Richard said offhandedly, “If we tell Charlie wade like that, then Charlie wade will turn around and stir up the story and we’ll be finished!”

        Olivia gritted her teeth and said, “If we can’t do it, we should just kill Charlie wade! It’s all over!”

        “How can we do that ……” Richard exclaimed, “If we kill Charlie wade, the Wade family will never let us go! Don’t you forget that the Wade family people still have the backing of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall now!”

        Olivia said with an incomparably gloomy expression, “The best solution to this matter is to kill Charlie wade! Kill him and then find a way to disguise it as an accident, as long as we do it flawlessly and the others can keep the secret, the Wade family people can’t possibly do anything to us!”

        William also seemed to have grabbed the straw at this point and blurted out, “I think Olivia’s solution is very feasible! If we kill Charlie wade, we won’t have to pay the 5 billion euros! As long as we handle it cleverly, so that no one can find out any real clues, this matter can be muddled through!”

        Olivia’s eyes were thick with killing intent as she coldly said, “We have some special talents in the royal family, and many of them are experts in a*sa*sination.

        Olivia added, “After Charlie wade’s death, we’ll fake the scene to look like he fell to his death, and then we’ll tell the Wade family that Charlie wade was committing adultery with Helena! And when Charlie wade was climbing through the window into Helena’s room at night, he lost his footing and fell to his death!”

        Speaking of this, the corners of Olivia’s mouth rose slightly as she sneered, “Charlie wade didn’t even have a bodyguard with him this time, and he was on our turf, so it was as easy as pie for us to kill him!”