The Real Dragon Chapter 3484

The Queen, who had regained her body’s power of manipulation, tried several times to open her eyes, but failed due to the irritation of the bright light.

        Seeing this, Helena hurried forward and asked with concern, “Grandma, how are you feeling?”

        The Queen spoke with difficulty, “Helena …… I …… I’m fine …… it’s just… . it’s just that my eyes can’t adjust to the bright light yet ……”

        Helena immediately choked with excitement, “Grandma you wait a moment, I will go and turn off the headlights!”

        After saying that, she immediately got up and turned off all the headlights in the ward, leaving only the softer lighted strip of lights.

        Only then did the Queen finally open her eyes, and immediately afterwards, her vision gradually returned and she could see Helena’s face clearly.

        At this moment, the Queen couldn’t help but choke back a sob, “Helena …… It’s been Grandma’s fault all these years …… If Grandma had known Olivia was such a vicious person, I would never have given her the succession to the throne, no matter what I said! “

        Helena exclaimed, “Grandma, you knew all about it?”

        The Queen nodded in agony, “I heard everything you and Olivia said in the ward earlier ……”

        Saying that, she looked at Helena with heartache and choked up, “Helena, for so many years, you have suffered!”

        The Queen was naturally aware of what Helena had been through all these years.

        But in the years before she became seriously ill, she had been very unhappy about Helena’s concealment of her health condition and was therefore very prejudiced against her.

        So she then placed the future of the entire royal family on Olivia.

        Even though she knew that Helena had suffered a lot in the royal family over the years, she chose to turn a blind eye to it.

        But how could she have imagined that now, the one who had victimised her was Olivia, whom she valued the most, and the one who had brought people back to rescue her was Helena, who had been stripped of her heirship.

        When she heard the Queen’s words, Helena’s eyes burst into tears and she choked up, “Grandma, it’s okay for me to suffer a little, but Olivia not only controlled you, she also kidnapped my mother and used her as a threat to force me to marry the Russian oligarch Aman Ramovich …… I still don’t know where she has hidden my mother……”

        The Queen gritted her teeth and said sternly, “Don’t worry, I will get justice for you and your mother!”

        After saying that, she looked towards Charlie wade who was standing not far away and said gratefully, “This is Mr. Wade, right! Thank you for saving me ……”

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “I came to your rescue because of your granddaughter Helena, so you must remember what you promised me before and never go back on your word.”

        The Queen said without hesitation, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, tomorrow I will announce my abdication to all of Northern Europe and give the Queen’s throne to Helena! At that time, I will personally preside over Helena’s coronation ceremony!”

        After a pause, the Queen gritted her teeth and said, “As for Olivia, I will make sure that she is duly punished!”

        Charlie wade nodded, shook the remaining quarter of the rejuvenation pills in his hand and said indifferently, “The medicine I gave you just now can extend your life for another two to three years, if you take this part of the pills in my hand again, your life will also be able to increase by another three to five years on top of the two to three years of extension, if you can keep your promise, then come to me in China after two years, I will give this part of the pills to you as well”

        Hearing this, the Queen was overjoyed and said offhandedly, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I will keep my promise!”

        Charlie wade took out another complete rejuvenation pill from his pocket and said with a smile, “As for this complete pill, if you take it, it can increase your life span by at least twenty years, and if you have been very cooperative, I can also consider giving you some more when the time comes, so that you can live to be one hundred and ten years old without any problem at all.”