The Real Dragon Chapter 3494

Right now, Lord Banks was still kneeling on Mount Wade Ling, so for the time being, he had not officially handed over the Banks family headship to Zara either.

        However, this matter was already a nail in the coffin, so when Zara heard that Charlie wade wanted to inject capital into Isu Shipping, she immediately decided to do so with him.

        When he heard Zara’s agreement, Charlie wade said, “In this way, I will first inject 5.1 billion euros into Isu Shipping through the Ito family, and it just so happens that my shareholding ratio is also 51%, as for your side, you will inject 4.9 billion euros, so that our shareholding ratio does not need to be adjusted.”

        “No problem!” Zara agreed without hesitation and said respectfully, “Your Excellency, if Iso Shipping comes in with another 10 billion euros of capital injection, it will definitely be able to become the world’s top shipping company!”

        Charlie wade gave a hint and said, “When the money arrives, you have to spend it on the blade, you should communicate with Ziva and see how this money will actually be used when the time comes.”

        “Good!” Zara was busy saying, “After I sign the relevant documents with grandpa tomorrow, I will immediately rush back to Aurous Hill to touch base with Ziva on this matter.”

        “Mm.” Charlie wade said lightly, “After you officially inherit the Banks family, you must pull out the thorns within the Banks family one by one, especially your uncles and aunts, and their children, they must be very dissatisfied with your sudden ascension to the throne, you must make them accept it honestly in the shortest possible time, anyone who dares to sing against you, they should be expelled from the Banks family! “

        Zara said respectfully, “Don’t worry, my benefactor, Zhiyu understands!”

        Charlie wade then said, “Let’s leave it like this for now, we’ll talk about the details in person when I return.”

        When Charlie wade hung up Zara’s phone, these people around him were already in a state of admiration.

        From Charlie wade’s conversation, they could also hear that this Zara would soon inherit and become the head of the Banks family.

        And her attitude towards Charlie wade was surprisingly so respectful.

        This showed that Charlie wade’s strength right now was already terrifying!

        Only now did William and Olivia realise what kind of a character they had provoked.

        Charlie wade might not have any roots in the West, but in the East, with his strength and connections, I’m afraid he had few rivals!

        At this moment, Charlie wade looked at the panicked crowd and turned to the Queen and said, “Inform the Royal Guards that these two people should be controlled and not allowed to contact the outside world, and at the same time, you should personally announce to the public that these two people have been arrested for attempting to commit regicide and plot rebellion, so tomorrow’s wedding is cancelled.”

        Without thinking, the Queen said, “Yes, Mr. Wade, I’ll do it!”

        Helena was busy saying, “Then I’ll go and inform the Royal Guard!”

        At this time, William’s father George asked nervously, “Mr. Wade …… I can arrange for someone to start transferring the money here, and I will definitely transfer the 4.5 billion euros tomorrow morning, please be magnanimous and spare us ……”

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “I said, I can spare you from death, but I can’t let you go free, your family will depart for Syria tomorrow after you finish transferring the money, I have friends who have some power there, I can definitely take good care of you.”

        When George heard this, he almost collapsed and cried, “Mr. Wade, I’d rather serve my time in a prison in Northern Europe than go to a place like Syria! I beg you, please give me a higher hand!”

        Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “I’m giving you a single choice now, and there’s only one option, if you talk any more nonsense, I’ll break your legs before sending you there!”