The Real Dragon Chapter 3497

Even William, who had already gone back to his room to rest, and Olivia’s mother were also arrested separately by the Royal Guards and escorted to the underground wine cellar for detention together.

        Soon after, Olivia’s men returned Helena’s mother.

        As soon as they entered the palace with Helena’s mother, she was immediately arrested by the Royal Guard.

        When Helena saw her mother, who had lost a lot of weight, she ran over to her and hugged her in agony.

        Seeing this, the Queen let out a soft sigh and respectfully asked Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, these people who have just been arrested, are they also disposed of like Olivia and the others?”

        “Right.” Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “Put them in the wine cellar first, and in a few days, they will depart for Madagascar with their masters.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade also instructed the empress, “Before they depart for Madagascar, make sure to seize the opportunity to get the rest of Olivia’s men who have not yet been arrested from Olivia and her men’s mouths, so as to ensure the safety of the future royal family.”

        The Queen said respectfully, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for reminding me, I will have the Royal Guard investigate closely at every level!”

        “Mm.” Charlie wade nodded, looked at the time again and spoke, “It’s not too early, you’d better release the news to the outside world as soon as possible, on the one hand, make the crimes of Olivia and the others public, on the other hand, also announce the re-designation of Helena as the heir to the throne, and also announce the time of your abdication, it’s better early than late at this time, you should arrange it as soon as possible. “

        The Queen did not hesitate to say: “Mr. Wade don’t worry, I will record a video later and officially announce it to the public through the Nordic news media, as well as the various platforms of the internet!”

        Speaking here, the Queen added: “By the way Mr. Wade, the coronation of the new emperor, according to the Nordic regulations, has to be held by the archbishop in the church, due to the tedious and complicated process of the ceremony, so it will take at least two or three days to prepare, so the earliest time for the abdication, I’m afraid, will be three days later ……”

        Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “Then let’s set it for three days later!”

        Half an hour later.

        When the people of Northern Europe were ready to go to sleep, all the mainstream media in Northern Europe temporarily broadcasted an important news item.

        The news was a video that the Queen had just recorded inside the palace.

        In the video, the Queen is looking much better and in better shape, and has changed into her official dress.

        At the beginning of the video, the Queen herself tells the story of how she was murdered by Olivia and William’s family, including how Olivia and William’s family tried to kill the Queen tonight, leaving out Charlie wade.

        When the video reached this point, all the people in front of the television sets and mobile phone screens were extremely angry.

        For they could never have imagined that Princess Olivia, the originally dignified-looking heir to the throne, would be so treacherous!

        Immediately afterwards, the Queen publicly announced in the video that she would permanently abolish Olivia’s status as the heir to the throne and expel her family from the royal family.

        In addition, the Queen announced that the heir to the throne of the Nordic Kingdom had changed from Olivia to Princess Helena.

        At the same time, the Queen announced that she would abdicate in three days’ time, and that her abdication and the crowning of Helena’s new King would take place in the largest church in the Nordic capital!

        Since then, the dust has settled in the Nordic Kingdom!

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