The Real Dragon Chapter 3499

Thinking of this, even though she had a million reluctances in her heart, she could only say softly, “Mr. Wade has many affairs, Helena will not stay much longer ……”

        After saying that, she hurriedly took the woman beside her and said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, my mother is very grateful to you, and when she heard that you were leaving, she had to come to thank you personally ……”

        At this moment, the woman beside Helena, with a respectful face, bowed deeply to Charlie wade and said gratefully, “Mr. Wade, thank you for saving my life and the lives of Helena’s mother and daughter …… also thank you for giving Helena a chance to inherit the throne ……”

        Although Helena’s throne was given by the empress, in the eyes of Helena’s mother and daughter, the throne was actually given by Charlie wade.

        If it wasn’t for Charlie wade, the empress would not have been able to give the throne to Helena even if she wasn’t on the verge of death.

        When the Queen heard this, although she was somewhat dissatisfied in her heart, she knew very well at this time that she would soon be handing over all power, and from now on, her goal in life was not to pursue any consolidation of royal power, nor any majesty of the Queen, but to actually pursue to live a few more years.

        Therefore, she quickly put her dissatisfaction behind her and all she could think about was Charlie wade’s magical Oriental secret medicine.

        Charlie wade was not being polite at this time, although he had not said so all along, he did need to keep in mind in Helena’s mind that this throne was given by him to Helena.

        So, Charlie wade said to Helena’s mother, “Lady Iliad, there is no need to be polite, helping Helena inherit the throne is a promise I made to Helena, so naturally I must honour it to the fullest.”

        Helena then said, “Mr. Wade, do you have time to come to the coronation ceremony in three days?”

        Charlie wade smiled, “I have already spoken to the Queen about this just now, and I personally don’t want to be too high-profile, so I won’t be coming to your coronation ceremony.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade took out the quarter of the Spring Return Pill and handed it to Helena in front of the Queen, smiling, “This part of the Spring Return Pill is considered as my congratulatory gift to you, congratulating you in advance on your succession to the throne.”

        Seeing Charlie wade’s quarter of this Spring Return Pill, the Queen’s eyes had sunk in and could not be pulled out.

        She had just experienced the miracle of this elixir for herself, so she couldn’t wait to take another part of it to further enhance her physical condition.

        However, she did not expect that Charlie wade would give this elixir to Helena.

        However, she couldn’t help but feel a little excited in her heart, because if this medicine was in Charlie wade’s hands, if Charlie wade didn’t give his nod, it would be impossible for her to get it, but if this medicine was in Helena’s hands, there would naturally be a lot more possibilities for her to get her hands on it.

        Helena was also a bit puzzled at this point, and she thought to herself, “Why did Mr Wade give me this quarter of a pill? Right now I have almost no roots in the royal family, there is no one I can trust around me except my mother, if this elixir is given to me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep it at all …… What should I do in case my grandmother has a bad idea …… “

        Just when Helena was at a loss for words, Charlie wade said with a smile, “Ms. Iliad’s physical condition is indeed very poor, I think she should be less than fifty years old, her hair is already half white, her mental state is also much worse than her peers, if it all relies on slow conditioning, I’m afraid it will be difficult to recover in a year and a half.”

        “And you, in three days’ time, will be officially crowned Queen, and at the coronation ceremony, if your mother’s state is too bad, it will also arouse suspicion from the outside world.”

        “So, this part of the Spring Return Pill, give it to your mother to use for toning up her body!”