The Real Dragon Chapter 3500

The empress, who had already started to hit on this Spring Return Pill, heard Charlie wade’s words and her entire body was instantly stunned as a strong loss surged within her heart.

        She had not expected that although Charlie wade had given Helena the Spring Return Pill, he had directly specified that she should give it to her mother to take.

        In that case, I was afraid that she would have no destiny with this part of the Spring Return Pill.

        Charlie wade naturally took the Queen’s shift in mood in his eyes.

        The reason he had bluffed was to see if the empress coveted this part of the Spring Return Pill, and if so, to give the empress a warning in the meantime.

        He wanted to let the Queen know that the Elixir of Spring Return was something that he would only take out for Helena’s sake.

        Therefore, if she wanted to continue to get the Spring Return Pill, she must do a good job of transferring power honestly and must not be clever enough to leave any backhand.

        Otherwise, if the old woman changed her mind or was unwilling to release her power after Helena’s accession to the throne, then Helena would be nothing more than a puppet even if she became empress.

        The reason he had worked so hard to put Helena on the throne was to give Helena real power over the royal family and to use the influence of the royal family to help him expand his business in Europe.

        If Helena was hollowed out by the current Queen, then she would not be able to play any substantial role even in this position.

        Apart from using this part of the Spring Return Pill to give the current Queen a wake-up call, Charlie wade also wanted to make Helena more grateful to himself.

        He had not only cured her illness, but also saved her mother, and even helped her clear the hurdles to succeed the Queen’s throne, and on top of that, he had even taken out the precious Spring Return Pill to help her mother tune up her body.

        With so many favours on the table, I believe Helena will definitely bear this in mind in the future.

        And Charlie wade had indeed guessed Helena’s heart correctly. At this moment, her gratitude to Charlie wade could no longer be described in words.

        There was only one thing on her mind at this moment, and that was to do her best to repay Charlie wade for his kindness to her.

        She would not hesitate to do so, even if it meant that she would have to sacrifice her liver and brain.

        The extremely moved Helena’s blue eyes stared at Charlie wade without blinking and her voice choked with sobs, “Mr. Wade …… you have been as kind to me as a mountain, in this life and the next, Helena’s heart will always hold you in high esteem!”

        Charlie wade nodded slightly and smiled blandly, “Give the medicine to your mother.”

        “Yes!” Helena dried her tears and immediately put the quarter of the rejuvenation pill into her mother’s hand and said excitedly, “Mom, take this medicine quickly, it’s a divine medicine brought by Mr. Wade, Grandma woke up from her deep coma with it!”

        Helena’s mother looked incredulous and asked her out of the blue, “Is this medicine really that miraculous?”

        Helena nodded her head repeatedly and said excitedly, “I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and it’s really amazing! Just hurry and eat it!”

        The Queen’s heart was dripping with blood at this moment.

        She was even praying deep inside, praying that Helena’s mother would not eat this part of the Spring Return Pill so that she could still find a way to get her hands on this part of the pill when Charlie wade left.

        But at that very moment, Helena’s mother took the Spring Return Pill and without hesitation, she put it into her mouth!

        In this instant, the Queen’s heart immediately became extremely lost.

        Helena’s mother, on the other hand, immediately underwent a dramatic change that was visible to the naked eye!

        Firstly, her complexion quickly changed from its original pallor and weakness to fullness of spirit and a rosy glow.

        Secondly, her half-white hair had turned back into shiny brown hair at a speed visible to the naked eye.

        What was even more incredible was that even some of the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and on her face had rapidly faded within a short period of time, and a large portion of them had even disappeared outright!

        The Queen’s entire body looked dumbfounded!

        She really didn’t expect that Charlie wade’s rejuvenation pills could not only save lives, but could even return a person to youth!

        Seeing Helena’s mother as if she was more than ten years younger, she was envious to the core.

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