The Real Dragon Chapter 3506

Charlie wade was stunned by Helena’s sudden question.

        He didn’t understand why, when he was sincerely talking to Helena about fate, Helena suddenly made this ridiculous request.

        He subconsciously asked, “This …… doesn’t seem to be next to the topic we are talking about, does it?”

        Helena winked wryly and smiled, followed by her body suddenly leaning forward and placing her red lips, tightly kissing Charlie wade on the mouth.

        Immediately afterwards, Helena bit her lower lip lightly and said somewhat shamefacedly, “Wade if it wasn’t for that BMW and that antique vase, we wouldn’t have met at all, I wouldn’t have been saved by you, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you in such a short time, and I wouldn’t have had that kiss just now, and my first kiss wouldn’t have been taken away by you, so you’re right Mr. Wade, fate is really amazing, I understand! Got it!”

        Charlie wade was speechless for a moment.

        He didn’t expect Helena to wind herself up with the logic of fate that she was talking about.

        Not daring to linger on the sweetness of his lips, he shook his head helplessly and spoke, “Although your behaviour is not quite appropriate, I have to admit that your basic logic is right.”

        Helena avoided his eyes, blushing and smiling slightly as she spoke, “It seems I have to thank the BMW car, if it wasn’t for it, I might not have had the chance to meet my beloved in my life.”

        Charlie wade said helplessly, “I’m already married.”

        Helena nodded, “I know, so what?”

        Charlie wade hmmed and said, “So you don’t need to invest any feelings in me, we’ve only just met for two or three days, the odds are that you are grateful for my help to you and may not really like it.”

        “Not true.” Helena said firmly, “I know myself, I know I really like it, and am never overwhelmed by gratitude.”

        Charlie wade laughed blandly, “How can feelings be cultivated in a day or two? Maybe in a few days you’ll come around and realise that you were just impulsive.”

        “Not true!” Helena denied again, “People you don’t like, you won’t like even if you spend a lifetime together, and people you like, sometimes it may only take one look back. You tease Olivia with Romeo and Juliet, but you should know that Romeo and Juliet also fall in love at first sight, and the two go from meeting to falling in love and getting married, to Romeo’s escape, Juliet’s fake death and finally the two were both martyred, only five days had pa*sed in total.”

        After saying that, she looked at Charlie wade and said with a red face, “If we were the same as Romeo and Juliet, then we had known each other for three days and would have gotten married by now.”

        Charlie wade coughed twice in embarra*sment and spoke, “That’s a drama after all, not reality.”

        Helena said stubbornly, “The fact that theatre has been celebrated as a cla*sic for hundreds of years proves that it comes from life and is above life, otherwise, why would people celebrate it as a cla*sic?”

        And then Helena added, “And the modern cla*sic Titanic! That ship set off from England on April 10th and hit the iceberg on April 14th, but in just five days, Jack and Rose met, fell in love and were separated from each other.

        Charlie wade did not expect that Helena would suddenly become a little aggressive in order to refute his words.

        He could only helplessly digress and said, “Look, Romeo and Juliet has a total of five days, and Titanic also has five days, this should be a kind of convention for Western playwrights, it can’t be taken seriously.”

        Helena looked at Charlie wade and said with immense seriousness, “I don’t know if these two stories are true, but I know that the story of me falling in love with you in just a few days is true.”

        Saying that, Helena asked Charlie wade again, “Mr. Wade, yesterday at Mount Wade ling, so many of your confidantes went up to Mount Wade ling to help you despite the danger to their lives, did they all fall in love with you after a long time? Did none of them fall in love with you in just a few days, like I did?”

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