The Real Dragon Chapter 3509

At that time, Charlie wade could still visit the palace as a guest of the royal family, as he did this time.

        However, originally Helena felt that Charlie wade would not come to Northern Europe again, but now since Charlie wade had said that he might come, she was already very content in her heart.

        At this moment, the motorcade drove quickly into the airport and arrived at the hangar where the Concorde was parked.

        Once the convoy was parked next to the plane, Charlie wade said to Helena, “Alright, that’s all for now, I’m leaving.”

        Helena said with a reluctant look on her face, “Mr. Wade, let me get out of the car and see you off.”

        Charlie wade shook his head and said seriously, “There is no need to get out of the car, this is a public place after all, you will soon be enthroned as the Queen, if other people see you here at this time, it will not be very good to explain after all.”

        Helena hesitated for a moment, but still nodded, her voice choked with a few sobs as she dictated, “Mr. Wade, take care of yourself then!”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and spoke, “You too, you have my number, if you need any help, call me directly.”

        Helena’s eyes were red as she said, “I know, Mr. Wade, thank you!”

        “You’re welcome.” Charlie wade smiled and nodded, pushing open the car door and striding onto the Concorde.

        After boarding the plane, he took a seat on the spacious sofa seat in the pa*senger cabin, and through the porthole window, he could see Helena still sitting in the car, looking up at himself.

        At this moment, Helena’s eyes were already filled with tears, and she almost couldn’t control crying out several times.

        But when she realised that Charlie wade was also looking at her, she resisted the urge to cry, quietly wiped away her tears and smiled and waved at Charlie wade.

        Charlie wade also gave him a slight nod of greeting, and in his heart, he felt more or less sympathetic towards Helena.

        If she hadn’t been born into an imperial family, Helena probably wouldn’t have gone through the trials and tribulations she had experienced before in her life.

        However, Charlie wade knew very well in his heart that if he wanted to wear a crown, he would have to bear its weight, so he could only wish Helena in his heart that she could grasp this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and become an outstanding empress.

        At this moment, the steward of the Wade family crew came to Charlie wade’s side and said respectfully, “Young master, it is ready for take-off, do you think we should launch now?”

        Charlie wade nodded and said, “Push out.”

        “Okay young master.” The steward bowed respectfully before turning around and returning to the C*ckpit to inform the two pilots of Charlie wade’s decision.

        Immediately afterwards, the aircraft engines began to start.

        At that moment, the tractor towed the front wheels of the plane and slowly dragged it out of the hangar.

        Helena’s eyes followed the aircraft until it was out of her sight and heading for the runway.

        It was then that Helena’s eyes finally burst into tears.

        Charlie wade had gone, leaving her with the throne of Northern Europe.

        But in her heart, she wanted to give up the Nordic throne for Charlie wade.

        It was a pity that there was not an equal sign between giving up the throne, and getting Charlie wade.

        Thinking of this, she asked the driver to drive the car out of the hangar, and then drove it along the internal road at the edge of the airport, to the end of the runway.

        At that moment, the Concorde Technology in which Charlie wade was travelling took off from the end of the runway and flew towards the east.

        Charlie wade on the plane was unaware that Helena was watching his plane from the end of the runway below.

        He was about to take a short break when he received a call from Nanaiko Ito, speaking, “Charlie wade-kun, three billion euros have been credited to our account one after another.”

        Charlie wade asked her, “Do you know who is calling respectively?”

        Ito Nana-chan said, “The funds were transferred from many overseas accounts, at least ten thousand of them.”

        “I see.” Charlie wade smiled, “It is estimated that another two billion euros will be credited tomorrow, when that time comes I will credit your account with the equivalent of 100 million euros in US dollars, and together we will invest in Isuzu Shipping!”