The Real Dragon Chapter 3510

When Charlie wade returned to China in the Nordic night, the members of the Wade family’s side branches, who had previously been scattered, were returning to Eastcliff one after another with apprehensive hearts, heading to Wade Ling Mountain with the rising sun, ready to collect their sins from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

        Because the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons had announced that they had obtained the roster for the Wade Family Ancestral Ceremony, and that all those on the roster had to return, these members of the side line could only return to Eastcliff in disgrace.

        Earlier, when they had fled overnight, they did not feel that there was anything wrong with them leaving Eastcliff overnight.

        This was because in their eyes, they were merely members of the Wade family’s side lineage and should not be implicated in the hatred between the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall and the Wade family.

        However, in Charlie wade’s eyes, each and every one of these side members relied on the Wade Family’s resources to survive and develop, and some had even followed the Wade Family and eaten meat for decades.

        At such a critical moment, this group of people not only did not have any semblance of fellow clan love, but even disregarded the basic lip and teeth, they were simply worse than strangers.

        Since they were heartless and unrighteous in the first place, don’t blame yourself for being ruthless and ruthless in the second.

        At this moment, all these members of the Wade family, one by one, were disillusioned and dejected, not knowing what was in store for them next.

        After all, the prestige of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple was so widespread that no one dared to offend such a top mercenary organisation.

        It was just after dawn in Eastcliff when many members of the Wade family’s side lineage had already rushed back to the bottom of Wade Ling Mountain.

        However, at this moment, there was no one from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall sitting at the bottom of Wade Ling Mountain, as all the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall were still kneeling in repentance on Wade Ling Mountain and in front of the Wade Family’s ancestral tomb.

        At this moment, at the foot of the Wade Ling Mountain were Stephen Thompson and his old comrades, Bruce wade’s old men.

        When many members of the Wade family’s side branches arrived at Wade Ling Mountain and saw Stephen Thompson, someone immediately came forward and asked, “Steward Stephen, where are the people from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall? Are they going to let us go up?”

        With a disgusted expression, Stephen Thompson said in a cold tone, “Wan Breaking Jun, the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, has already instructed that you should all kneel and wait at the foot of the mountain once you arrive!”

        The man hurriedly asked, “Steward Stephen, what exactly does it mean that the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall has asked us to come back?”

        Stephen Thompson said with an expressionless face, “I don’t know this, what Hall Master Wan means is for you all to kneel first, and you’ll know exactly what to do when he comes.”

        Another man said in a depressed voice, “Steward Stephen, why does the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall have to let us come back? We have nothing to do with them, and we have no grudge against them, so why do they not even let us go? Is it just because we are also surnamed Wade?”

        Stephen Thompson said disdainfully, “Dexter wade, are you thinking of clearing up your relationship with the Wade family at this point? Last month, when you came here to beg Master to give you some new business, you said that you would follow Master for the rest of your life, and that you would help him with his problems.

        The representative of the Wade family called Dexter wade said discontentedly, “Stephen Thompson, you are a lackey of the Wade family, why are you pretending with me here? I know, don’t you just want to mock me for betraying the Wade Family? I did betray the Wade Family, how about you? You are now standing at the bottom of Wade Ling Mountain, delivering a message to us for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, what? Have you also betrayed the Wade Family and become a lackey of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple?”

        Stephen Thompson sneered, “Whose lackey I am has nothing to do with you, but the most important thing now is that you must listen to whatever I say, and if you don’t kneel down honestly on the spot within three seconds, then I will have someone break your dog’s legs!”

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