The Real Dragon Chapter 3513

The skin was just a thin layer, but Wan Bajun was going to split them in half!

        The group of people kept begging, and Dexter wade even choked back a sob, “Hall Master Wan, we are just the side line of the Wade family, you can’t treat us the same way you treat the Wade family’s original family! As far as I know, the Wade family’s original family only took out half of their a*sets, how can you ask us on the same terms ……”

        Dexter wade’s words immediately triggered the resonance of the others.

        They realised that they were afraid that nothing good would definitely come from being ordered by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to return to Wade Lingshan today, but they didn’t expect the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall’s appetite to be so big!

        Asking them to take out half of their a*sets was, to them, simply more frightening than taking their lives.

        All of them, the side families, had developed in their respective fields for decades, and had only managed to save up this amount of money, so suddenly they were asked to take out half of it.

        Seeing that there was a lot of discontent below, Wan Bajun immediately said in a cold voice, “I don’t want to talk too much to you, I have also seen the family tree of the Wade family, apart from the 700 or so of you who came to the ancestral ceremony this time, the other descendants of each of your families are also recorded very clearly in the family tree, if any of them don’t cooperate honestly, then don’t blame me, Wan Long Hall, for being ruthless! “

        As soon as these side branches of the Wade Family heard these words, they immediately fell into a deep despair.

        They were very clear about the strength of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and such a top mercenary group with tens of thousands of people under its command would be as easy to mess with as a hand if they really wanted to mess with them.

        If they did not cooperate meekly, they might die one day.

        Moreover, even the Wade Family’s own family, which was far more powerful than theirs, had meekly given in, so how could they have the courage to fight to the end?

        After all, all these side families together were not as strong as the Wade Family, and there was a huge difference between them and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

        When Wan Bajun saw that these people were all pale with fear, he knew that they basically did not dare to disobey, so he said in a loud voice: “Next, my men will contact each of you according to the roster, if you don’t want to be enemies of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, you should contact your family members and gather their funds together, and later, according to the requirements, half of your a*sets will be transferred to the overseas bank of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall. into my Ten Thousand Dragons Temple’s overseas account!”

        “Those who cooperate obediently will have peace and quiet with the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but those who refuse to obey will be the sworn enemies of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall from now on!”

        As soon as the crowd heard these words, while they were desperate, they had basically made a decision to compromise with the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

        They could earn money again if they lost it, but if they lost their lives, they would lose everything.

        Moreover, the Wade family tree was in the hands of Wan Breaking Jun, and if Wan Breaking Jun wanted to, he could completely cut off any of their branches from their descendants.

        Dexter wade at this point desperately begged, “Master Wan …… the little family business I have is all saved up penny by penny, every penny is my hard-earned money, I beg you to be noble, at least don’t take away that much ah ……”

        Wan Breaking Jun nodded and said in a cold voice, “Since every penny of yours is hard-earned money, then of course I can also not take any of it.”

        When Dexter wade heard these words, his heart was so excited that he was about to thank them, when he saw Wan Bajun turn around at this moment and instructed the soldiers beside him, “Find out all the information about this person’s entire family, no matter what method you use, within a year, I want their family to be completely extinct!”

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