The Real Dragon Chapter 3514

Wan Bajun’s sudden and ruthless words caused Dexter wade’s body to tremble in fear.

        He did not expect that Wan Bajun would be so ruthless as to make his family completely extinct with a single word.

        Moreover, he did not doubt Wan Bajun’s attitude in the slightest, after all, this man was the Hall Master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, and in front of so many ministers as well as the Wade family, he was certainly not just talking.

        What’s more, all his identity information and family member information were all recorded in detail in the Wade family tree, so he couldn’t even run away.

        Thinking of this, he instantly said in an incomparably frightened voice, “Hall Master Wan, I am willing to cooperate! Surrender half of the family fortune! I beg you to be merciful! ……”

        Wan Bajun snorted coldly and questioned, “What? Are you afraid now? Didn’t you just say that your family’s a*sets were all your hard-earned money? I thought you really had the backbone to die to defend your family’s a*sets!”

        Dexter wade choked up and said, “Just now it was my brain that was confused, Hall Master Wan must not take it to heart, in fact money is something outside of my body, even if I am confused, this truth is still understood ……”

        The fact is that money is an external matter, even if I am confused, I still understand this truth.” “If you understand, then I will give you another chance, if you actively cooperate and take advantage of it, then Wan Long Temple will not pursue it anymore, from now on, the well will not cross the river, but if you dare to play small with me, beware that I will turn my face at any time!”

        Dexter wade’s whole body was suddenly astonished, and he hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Hall Master Wan …… Even if I were given ten thousand guts, I would never dare to play small with you ……”

        Wan Bajun ignored him and instead spoke to all of them, “If you want to be safe and sound, you should honestly transfer half of your respective family a*sets to the overseas accounts of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, as long as you spend money to eliminate the disaster, I, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, will also abide by my promise and will not pursue the matter any further.”

        At this point, the crowd took a stand and expressed their willingness to accept the demands of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

        Wan Bajun turned his words around and said in a stern tone, “But don’t think of fooling me, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall! After the money is collected, we will also arrange for professional financial auditors to a*sess each of your family a*sets, and if anyone is found to have paid an amount that is less than half of their a*sets, they must then compensate the difference three times!”

        As soon as these words were spoken, sorrow was written all over the faces of every branch of the Wade Family.

        They originally thought that they could completely conceal the actual situation of their family’s a*sets to a certain extent, and if their a*sets were ten billion, they could completely lie and claim that they only had two or three billion, and then take out a billion or so to put things to rest.

        However, according to Wan Bajun, even if he had given a billion or so, after the auditors of the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace had a*sessed the true size of his family’s a*sets and found that he had underpaid by more than three billion, they would demand three times the amount of compensation, and in that case, the compensation alone would be ten billion!

        At this moment, Dexter wade said with trepidation, “Master Wan ……, my family’s net worth is about eight billion, but the cash stocks that I can call on only add up to about two billion, how should I handle this situation?”

        Wan Breaking Jun coldly said, “If this is the case, first exchange all the stocks for cash, then credit all the two billion in cash to the designated account of Wan Long Temple, and when you return, immediately sell some of your other a*sets to pay the remaining two billion in place!”

        Dexter wade choked up and said, “Wan Hall Master, I’m not going to lie to you, many of our industries are long term investments, some projects are invested for many years one after another and many funds are invested before we finally start to see returns, if we sell them at this time, it would be like killing the chicken and taking the eggs, the loss to us would be very heavy ……”