The Real Dragon Chapter 3515

These words of Dexter wade triggered the resonance of other members of the Wade family’s side lineage.

        They were already willing to take out half of their a*sets at this point, but if this was the way to kill the chicken to get the eggs, the loss to them would be greater than taking out half of their a*sets.

        If it was only to complete the task given by Charlie wade, then he did not care about the three or seven, he would sell all of them if he had to. He would have to give up half of the eggs he took out.

        However, he was still unclear about Charlie wade’s attitude towards these clansmen, so he was not sure of the scale, so he said, “First, you should give a clear account of your a*sets, and if you have less than half of the cash, you should first pay the cash in place, and we will give you a solution for the remaining part later.”

        The crowd had no choice but to agree to this.

        The generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall then began to register these branches of the Wade family’s side line in batches, first asking each of them about their specific a*sets as well as their cash, and once the registration was completed, they were asked to pay all the cash first.

        As this money began to flow into the account of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, the Concorde that Charlie wade was on finally landed at Eastcliff Airport.

        As soon as it landed, Stephen Thompson picked him up and took him to Wade Lingshan.

        On the way, Stephen Thompson gave Charlie wade a brief report on the situation at Wade Lingshan, and also reported the question that Wan Bajun couldn’t decide, asking, “Young Master, when I came here, Wan Bajun asked me to ask you about those who have less than half of the family’s a*sets in cash, and most of their a*sets are in the real estate as well as fixed a*sets, what exactly should be done with them? “

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “Treat those who admit their mistakes and admit their punishments with a good attitude, of course, we should not push too hard, we can collect part of the cash first, as for the rest of that part, let them pay in installments.”

        Speaking here, Charlie wade paused slightly and added: “This is according to normal, the installment payment will definitely have to pay interest, however, since they are all Wade family members, I will also give them a little face and not charge them interest for the installment payment, but it will be the same as the bank, plus a certain percentage of handling fee.”

        “For example, if the other party owes us one billion, he can pay it in twelve installments a year, or thirty-six installments in three years, or sixty installments in five years, and as for the handling fee, just charge him six thousandths of a percent per installment, which is six million per installment.”

        Stephen Thompson was stunned and exclaimed, “Young master, if we go by this rate, the commission for one installment will be six thousandths, and the total commission for 60 installments will be 36%! One billion principal, the commission will be 360 million, isn’t that a bit too high ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Isn’t it true that bank credit card installment payments are six percent per installment? I’m not charging more, I’m just aligning myself with the banks.”

        Stephen Thompson was busy saying, “Young master, say so, but this interest …… oh no, this fee percentage is actually still very high …… I’m afraid they simply can’t sustain such a high fee ……”

        Charlie wade looked like a treacherous businessman and said seriously: “It doesn’t matter if they can’t hold up, I can give them another option to convert this money they owe into the corresponding equity of their business according to a certain concession, for example, his business is worth five billion, but he still owes us one billion, normally, this one billion converted into equity is 20%, but because they owe us money, I don’t charge him an installment fee, how can I also charge a cash discount percentage, so how can we be given a 20% discount on the total valuation, in this way, for a five billion dollar enterprise, a 20% discount would count as four billion for him, and a billion dollar debt converted into equity would be 25%!”