The Real Dragon Chapter 3521

  “Not only that, when the time comes, I can also apply to the court for enforcement, when I will directly seize all their a*sets for auction, and then get the money back to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.”

        “As the saying goes, there is no harm in being prepared, in this way, we can basically ensure that nothing can go wrong.”

        The members of the Wade family’s side lineage all turned pale, they did not expect that Charlie wade would calculate them in such a way, with these demands of his, he hardly gave the members of the Wade family’s side lineage any way to live.

        Once they signed this agreement, they would be signing a harsh deed of betrayal, and naturally there was no hope for them to turn over in the future!

        Only then did Wan Bajun understand that Charlie wade was much more comprehensive in his considerations than himself, so he said without hesitation, “No problem, let’s do as you say.”

        Charlie wade added: “Since it’s a contract, there must be a legal recipient body, in which case, it would be inappropriate for Wan Long Temple to come out on top, so the best way is to use a domestic enterprise as the recipient, and have them pay the money directly into the account of this domestic enterprise.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade seemed to remember something and added, “Right, it just so happens that I have a Emgrand Group in Aurous Hill, so if Hall Master Wan doesn’t mind, he can completely use the Emgrand Group as this recipient body and have them all pay the money into the Emgrand Group account.”

        Immediately, Wan Bajun understood Charlie wade’s meaning.

        Thus, he nodded along with the water and spoke, “In that case, then let’s use your Emgrand Group as the payee, and let the money be paid to the Emgrand Group account first, and then pay it to Wan Long Hall through other means.”

        Charlie wade immediately said, “That’s of course!”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “Since we are using the Emgrand Group as the payee, then there must be a debt contract between the Emgrand Group and these Wade family side families, that is why I suggested that you have them sign an electronic agreement, to make sure that this is all legal so that when we go to court in the future, we will have enough certainty! “

        These side members of the Wade family, at this moment, could not wait to skin Charlie wade alive or dead, because this guy, not only handed Wan Breaking Jun the knife to slaughter his own relatives, but also told him where to strike the knife the fastest, the most accurate and the most ruthless.

        For a while, everyone regarded Charlie wade as an unbreakable enemy, and kept thinking in their hearts how to take revenge on him and make him pay a painful price in the future.

        At that moment, Charlie wade called Jane’s son, Paul, directly.

        During the phone call, Charlie wade told Paul in detail about his needs for the contract, but he didn’t mention any more details, not even about the Wade family and the Vanguard Palace, he just asked Paul to produce an electronic version of the contract according to his needs.

        Paul himself had been working as a lawyer for many years, and he basically had a very strict model for all kinds of contracts. After he also knew all of Charlie wade’s needs, he directly modified one of his installment contract templates to a certain extent, and then sent the contract to Charlie wade.

        After Charlie wade had the contract in his hands, he read it over and found that there were no problems or bugs in it before handing it over to Wan Bajun.

        When Wan Bajun got the contract, he immediately started to ask all the branches of the Wade family to sign the agreement.

        These Wade family branches dared not refuse and signed the agreement electronically, and the first party in the agreement was Charlie wade’s Emgrand Group.

        Charlie wade’s Emgrand Group immediately had a debt of over 300 billion RMB, which exceeded the market value of the entire Emgrand Group.

        According to the contract, the 300 billion was divided into five years and 60 instalments, so for every month in the next five years, these members of the Wade family’s side line would pay Charlie wade the principal amount of 5 billion RMB, as well as 1.8 billion RMB in instalment fees.

        And this money, they would repay for five years without fail!