The Real Dragon Chapter 3526

When Charlie wade said that he was a woman of mercy, these members of the Wade family’s side lineage still felt that Charlie wade was simply shameless to the extreme.

        However, after Wan Bajun sang along with Charlie wade, they all almost fell to the ground in fear.

        Wan Bajun’s words made them understand one basic truth, that is, if Charlie wade was ruthless enough to take their lives, Wan Bajun would definitely do so.

        Moreover, for a mercenary organisation like the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, which had its roots overseas, they had no concept of law at all, so the big deal was to run away to a war-torn region, and no one could do anything to them.

        So, the gang didn’t know who started first, and they all knelt on the ground while kowtowing and begging.

        “Charlie wade …… is that we are worse than pigs and dogs, please give us another chance, from now on we will definitely be loyal to the Wade family, even if the sky falls down, we will not run away again ……”

        “Charlie wade …… you can set us off, we are willing to admit our guilt and admit the punishment, just please, for the sake of our fellow clansmen, leave us a dog’s life, so that we can redeem ourselves for the Wade family in the future!”

        “Yes, Charlie wade …… is the same clan after all, we are all born from the same root, why are we so anxious? We have never wanted to harm the Wade family, and we beg you to spare us this time.”

        Seeing the tearful faces of this crowd, Charlie wade said with a cold expression, “Since you are all from the same clan, it is not impossible to spare your lives, but you must first climb up Wade Ling Mountain from here, kowtowing three steps at a time, and repent to the ancestors of the Wade family before I consider whether to give you a break!”

        As he said that, Charlie wade added, “Listen carefully, the 50% who go up first, I won’t punish them any more for now, but the 50% who are in the back of the line, after you go up, kneel for 24 hours!”

        At these words, a member of the Wade family’s side line said excitedly, “I’ll climb! I’ll crawl right now!”

        After saying this, he immediately kowtowed in the direction of Wade Lingshan, then stood up, took three big steps, flung himself on his knees and kowtowed again.

        Seeing this, the others, one by one, also scrambled to be the first to say.

        “I’ll kowtow too!”

        “I’ll do it too!”

        In a flash, everyone went crazy, kneeling all the way towards Wade Lingshan with three steps and a kowtow.

        Charlie wade told the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to keep an eye on the group to prevent them from being sneaky, so he himself ignored the group and stepped up to Wade Ling Mountain alone.

        At this moment, on Wade Ling Mountain, the Wade family’s gang was still kneeling honestly.

        When they saw Charlie wade return, they all had fear and awe in their eyes.

        Old Master Wade he had slept again. Where had they all gone? At this moment, he was also on the mountain, and when he saw Charlie wade coming, he hurriedly greeted him and opened his mouth to ask him: “Charlie, things are still going well over in Northern Europe, right? I’ve seen the news, the Nordic Queen has officially announced that she has abolished that Olivia’s right to inherit the throne, and at the same time announced that she is going to pa*s the throne to Helena in three days.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “The Nordic side has been taken care of, after Helena has ascended to the throne, the Wade family will officially start business cooperation with the Nordic royal family, at that time, I will send a business team all the way over to meet with Helena.”

        Master Wade said with a look of admiration, “Charlie, I am afraid that you are the only one in the world who can change the Nordic throne and the entire Nordic royal family in such a short period of time!”