The Real Dragon Chapter 3528

The Wade family members who regretted were far from just Corran and Feb wade.

        Every single member of the Wade family kneeling here had regrets in their hearts by now.

        If they had known that Charlie wade was so capable, they would not have offended him even if they had died, let alone quietly bought mourning clothes and plotted to surrender to Wan Breaking Army.

        Now, they were like those traitors after the victory of the war. Apart from regretting, they were more at a loss as to what to do and what to do.

        At this moment, behind the Wade family, there were two more people kneeling.

        These two people were Lord Banks and Zayne, the father and son of the Banks family.

        Originally, when they had knelt for a full day and night at the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons to depart from the mountain, they had already reached the time, but Lord Banks had to drag Zayne to continue kneeling, and had to kneel until Charlie wade arrived.

        At this moment, both of them were shocked to hear for themselves that Charlie wade had even called Helena to the throne of the Nordic Queen.

        Charlie wade’s eyes also glanced at the two of them and asked, “Lord Banks, Zayne, why are you two still here?”

        Lord Banks hurriedly said, “Back to Young Master Wade …… you didn’t come, how dare we just leave ……”

        Charlie wade smiled and casually said, “Alright, both of you don’t need to act here, hurry back to prepare and go your separate ways.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade thought of Olivia and spoke, “Right Lord Banks, I have found a group of long term workers for your future estate in Madagascar, among them are the three members of Princess Olivia’s family from the Nordic royal family, when the time comes, treat them as former black slaves, plant cotton and cut sugar cane and other things, just leave it all to them.”

        Lord Banks couldn’t help but shiver and thought to himself, “This Olivia is not only the princess of the Nordic royal family, but also the previous heir to the throne, and her father is also the prince of the Nordic royal family, so to get them all to work as long term workers in my future estate? This guy Charlie wade is also a bit too careless of the Nordic royal family’s dignity ……”

        Although he thought so in his heart, Lord Banks’s mouth still promised down repeatedly and said gratefully, “It’s hard for Young Master Wade, everything still has to be done for my sake ……”

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “When you go to Madagascar, you must give me a good operation, I may still have people to send to you in the future.”

        Lord Banks panicked in his heart and couldn’t help but ask himself, “Am I going to Madagascar this time, am I going to be the landlord or am I going to be the warden for Charlie wade ……”

        In his panic, he said without hesitation, “Don’t worry, Young Master Wade, I will definitely run the Madagascar property well. Yes, I will communicate with Zara again before I leave, and set the details properly.”

        Charlie wade said casually, “Hurry up, I have a large number of people over in Northern Europe waiting to be arranged.”

        Lord Banks hurriedly said respectfully, “Yes, Young Master Wade! I will definitely hurry up!”

        Charlie wade nodded slightly, then said, “Alright, from now on, the rest of Wade Lingshan is the Wade family’s business, so you guys go.”

        After saying that, he greeted a few Wan Long Hall generals and spoke, “You two escort them to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace to find Zara, so that they can do all the things they promised to do before.”

        Several generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall immediately arched their hands and said, “Yes Mr. Ye, my subordinates will definitely do as they are told!”

        Seeing that both Lord Banks and Zayne were taken away, Charlie wade looked at the Wade family kneeling in front of him, then he turned to Lord Wade and said, “I’m going to stay in front of my parents’ spirit for a while, so when the gang at the bottom of the mountain kowtows all the way up, let them kneel here first.”

        Lord Wade said without hesitation, “No problem Charlie, you go ahead, teach me here.”

        Charlie wade nodded and walked alone through several rows of tombstones, stepped in front of his parents’ mausoleum and slowly knelt down.

        Gazing at his parents’ photos, Charlie wade felt a lot of emotions in his heart, he couldn’t help but say softly, “Dad, my son is now the head of the Wade family, back then if grandpa had pa*sed the headship to you earlier, I think you and mum wouldn’t have left your hometown for Aurous Hill, let alone incur the scourge of killing yourself ……”

        “Mom and Dad, please don’t worry, my son will definitely find the murderer who killed you two back then and avenge you both!”