The Real Dragon Chapter 3529

At this point, Charlie wade looked at his father’s handsome face in the portrait and choked up, “Dad …… I know that you always wanted to carry the Wade family forward and make the Wade family stand at the top of the world, now, my son has decided to carry your banner back then, and one day, I will definitely make the Wade family the top of this world! One day, I will make the Wade family the best family in the world.”

        After saying that, Charlie wade looked at his mother’s portrait again and said in shame, “Mom …… they all advised me that I should go and meet my grandparents, I’m sure you also want me to go and see them, but it’s just that I really have little contact with my grandparents, and now that you are also gone, I really don’t know how to face them both, so this matter may not be possible for the time being, so please can you forgive me ……”

        Subsequently, Charlie wade bent down and kowtowed three times in front of his parents’ tombstone.

        Immediately afterwards, he said, “Dad, mum, my son will keep you two company today, tomorrow I may have to return to Aurous Hill, right now my son is not ready to disclose his identity, so it is not advisable to stay in Eastcliff for a long time, but I will make time to come over to see you guys from now on ……”

        After saying this, Charlie wade added, “When my son officially opens his identity to the world in the future, I will definitely bring your daughters-in-law with me, so that you can see my son’s other half and feel more at ease.”

        At this point, Charlie wade’s heart was filled with melancholy, and tears slipped silently from his eyes.

        For the next few hours, Charlie wade did not speak again, but knelt long and silently in front of his parents’ spirit, not saying a word.

        The Wade family could only see a shadow of his back from below, and no one knew that this man, who had just subdued the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and, with his own strength, completely changed the pattern of the Nordic royal family, was already in tears in front of his parents’ grave.

        Several hours later, most of the members of the Wade family’s side lineage had knelt all the way to the bottom of the pagoda on the hill.

        Seeing a host of Wade family first cousins also kneeling here, each one was a little dumbfounded.

        Before they could figure out why the full members of the Wade family were also kneeling on the ground, they were chided by the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to kneel down again one after another.

        As more and more people came up, the bottom of the Wade Lingshan pagoda was almost full of people kneeling.

        At this time, the sky was getting late and the golden sunset was spreading over the whole Wade Ling Mountain, making the Chinese white jade carved tombstones on Wade Ling Mountain look particularly eye-catching.

        As the setting sun reflected on Charlie wade’s back in the sky, everyone watched with rapt attention, waiting for his next instruction.

        Only, this back was kneeling there, motionless for hours, as if it were a carving.

        Just as the sky was reflecting fiery red clouds of fire, Charlie wade slowly got up and looked back, watching as the Wade family knelt and slowly walked down from the mausoleum.

        The core members of the Wade family, as well as the members of the side lines, all turned their eyes towards him, the vast majority of them acting very apprehensive, except for Lord Wade and Mabel whose expressions carried full anticipation.

        Charlie wade came to stand in front of the crowd, looked around and said in a cold voice, “From today onwards, the Wade Family Ancestral Ritual will be changed from once every twelve years to once a year! All forms can be kept simple, but everyone must come to Wade Ling Mountain to pay respect to their ancestors in person on the day of the Qingming Festival, and no one may be absent!”

        “In addition to this, all members of the Wade family’s side line must come to Eastcliff every three months for a debriefing meeting to report in detail to the main family on their operations over the past three months, again no one is allowed to be absent! Do you all understand?!”

        In Charlie wade’s opinion, these side clan kings of the Wade family only came over to pay their respects once every twelve years, this frequency was too low, and because of this, they could not talk about any loyalty to the Wade family at all, and the Wade family had no real control over them.

        However, from now on, this must all be changed completely.

        By making them come to pay homage to their ancestors every year and report every three months, it is to strengthen the Wade family’s control over them as the main family.

        If the Wade family was compared to a feudal dynasty, what Charlie wade was trying to do now was to strengthen centralised power and weaken local decentralisation, and to hold these scattered va*sal kings in his hands to the death!