The Real Dragon Chapter 3532

As soon as Charlie wade’s words came out, Kirk wade’s body trembled with fear.

        The reason he told Charlie wade all this was that he wanted Charlie wade to understand that his family’s current business was not dependent on the Wade family, nor did he need any resources or help from the Wade family, so he would not need to come to China every three months to make a report to him at all.

        But Kirk wade never expected that after all this, Charlie wade would directly ask him to stay in China to help him.

        He was so remorseful that he wanted to slap himself several dozen times!

        Immediately afterwards, he hurriedly cried and said, “Mr. Wade …… you must not take what I just said seriously, because those are all things that I blew off ……”

        Charlie wade’s expression was bland as he asked, “Oh? Is that so?”

        Kirk wade hurriedly nodded his head as if he was mashing garlic.

        And at this time, a middle-aged male beside Kirk wade, at this time, with a nervous face, opened his mouth and said, “Charlie wade …… I am Kirk wade’s father Charles, I am a cousin to your father, this son of mine was born to brag, he is completely a ‘one bottle doesn’t ring, half a bottle bang’ fool, I don’t know how many times I have scolded him, telling him not to brag outside, but this kid just doesn’t listen ……”

        Saying that, he hurriedly said with a compensating smile, “You are now the head of the Wade family, so don’t be ordinary with this kind of bragging little kid ……”

        Charlie wade nodded gently and said to himself, “Oh …… after half a day of talking it turns out to be all bragging ah ……”

        Charles slapped Kirk wade on the head and shouted angrily, “Ba sta rd, still don’t hurry to apologize to the family head!”

        Kirk wade was slapped, but he couldn’t see half of the aggression, instead, he said with an apprehensive face, “Mr. Wade …… was my mistake, I shouldn’t have bragged in front of you …… also please …… never take it personally with me ……”

        Charlie wade waved his hand and said casually, “Aiya, people are not frivolous in vain, who doesn’t love to brag when they are young? This is a little thing, I will certainly not take it to heart.”

        Kirk wade breathed a sigh of relief and said with gratitude, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for your generosity! Thank you Mr. Wade for being magnanimous!!!”

        Charlie wade nodded, then looked at Charles again and asked, “I have a question to ask ah.”

        Charles hurriedly said humbly, “Family head, you can ask any questions you want, it’s not much of a request for advice, we are just a small fight, how can we afford to have you say that ……”

        The first thing I want to know is whether the things Kirk wade said just now are true or not. Did he completely make up a series of things for me that didn’t happen at all, or did he impose on himself things that actually happened but had nothing to do with him?”

        Charles stumbled a bit, stammered and said, “This …… this …… is not to say that it did not happen at all ……”

        Charlie wade saw that he was incoherent, so he asked straight to the point: “I just want to know, five years ago unpredictable, moving the business from China to Romania, is it true that it has happened?”

        “Yes, yes!” Charles hastily nodded his head and admitted.

        He knew very well in his heart that there was no way to hide things, Charlie wade could know the path of all his family’s industries with just a little investigation, there was no way to hide this.

        Charlie wade then asked, “Then I want to know, the person who made that decision five years ago, if it wasn’t Kirk wade, then who was it?”

        Charles instantly became even more nervous and stumbled, “It was …… it was ……”

        “What is it?” Charlie wade frowned and questioned in a cold voice, “Is it so hard to name a person?”

        Charles saw that Charlie wade was somewhat dissatisfied and hurriedly said stiffly, “It’s me …… it’s me …… it’s me who made that decision ……”

        Kirk wade looked at his father at this time, with a face of worry and fear, but also with complete guilt.

        Charlie wade looked at Charles and seriously asked, “Is it really you?”

        Charles nodded his head repeatedly and said through clenched teeth, “It’s really …… really me ……”

        “That’s fine.” Charlie wade spoke, “Since it is you, then you can stay, this family is now in a state of waste, it is a critical time when we need to use people, and those sons of this family, basically in the next three years will be in mourning at Wade Lingshan, so it is the time when we need you side branches to contribute more to this family.”