The Real Dragon Chapter 3533

As soon as Kirk wade heard this, he protested, “Mr Wade! Although we are all surnamed Wade, we have long since become independent and our family has our own affairs, so how can we leave our own family’s affairs aside and run to serve our own family at a time like this? Besides, we ourselves are a small business, unlike our own family which is so large, if we delay our own family’s affairs again, won’t it be even more difficult in the future?”

        As he said that, he hurriedly looked at the people around him and fanned the flames, “Can you all tell me if what I just said makes sense? Our family is already a large family with over a trillion dollars in a*sets, and just now we were forced to take out half of our family a*sets, and we have also taken the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall under our wing, so our strength is much stronger than us, the side lines combined, so how can we come back to rob us, the side lines, of our manpower?”

        The others were also more or less discontented in their hearts.

        Kirk wade’s words had indeed captured the core point that incited them.

        This core point was that the Wade family was so rich and powerful, not only had they extorted so much money from everyone and forced everyone to sign the installment agreement, but now they still wanted to rob people from other families directly, this was indeed a bit unjustifiable.

        However, although they were dissatisfied in their hearts, after all, Charlie wade did not force them to produce anyone, so at such a time, none of them dared to help out, and everyone kept their heads down and did not say a word.

        Kirk wade became anxious and said out of the blue, “Everyone say something! Can you give us a reason?”

        No one answered.

        At this time, Charlie wade looked at Kirk wade and said with a smile, “You are young, but you do have a lot of thoughts, and you do have skills.”

        When he said this, Charlie wade turned his words and added, “But you have overlooked one very important thing, skill is not even a fart in front of absolute power.”

        Kirk wade was seen through Charlie wade’s mind, and his entire person was immediately flustered.

        Charlie wade continued at this time, “I don’t care if your family’s current business is related to the Wade family, I just want to know where the funds for your family’s start-up came from, did the Wade family give them to you?”

        The father and son duo did not dare to answer for a while.

        Lord wade spoke up at this time, “Charlie, the Charles family, when they were first separated out during the Republican era, was in the furniture business, and when they were separated out at that time, the Wade family gave 200,000 cash daiyang, taking up 30% of the shares in their business, and the Wade family also introduced them to many businesses.”

        “Later, when the new China was established, Charles’s father took the opportunity to play a clever trick, he used the excuse that his own composition was not good and he wanted to reverse the local people’s impression of them, he took the original private enterprise and donated it to the local commune on his own initiative, but in fact only one tenth of it was really donated, but when he reported to the Wade family, he only said that it was all donated.”

        “Later, after two years of silence, he reopened the factory, but because he had changed his name, the 30% of the family’s shares were naturally not counted.

        Hearing this, Charlie wade sneered and said, “Hear that? If I were to go over old scores, none of you would be able to stand up to investigation.”

        Charles and Kirk wade, father and son, were all nervous and dared not speak with their heads bowed.

        At this time, Charlie wade looked at Kirk wade and said coldly, “Letting you stay and share your worries and contribute to this family is, on the one hand, to let you return the support and help that this family gave you back then, and on the other hand, it is also a good opportunity for you to get preferential treatment for your own family!”

        “If you are honest and do your best to contribute to our family for two years, your family may be able to get a discount on the monthly installment fee of six thousandths;”

        “If you perform very well, I may even waive it all for you!”

        “But if you still dare to play games with my family, then you are incorrigible!”

        “If that’s the case, then let your family also come to Wade Ling Mountain to observe mourning for three years!”