The Real Dragon Chapter 3534

From the moment Charlie wade decided to carry his father’s banner, he was not prepared to be polite to any of those surnamed Wade.

        For he knew very well in his heart that these people, although they were all family, were even more enemies.

        Being an emperor was easy, being an emperor was too difficult.

        Once one became an emperor, and at the same time wanted to be a successful emperor, one must discard the ties between family members.

        From the moment one ascends the throne, there is no longer father and son, no longer mother and son, no longer grandfather and grandson, no longer brothers and sisters.

        There are only kings and subjects!

        If one man is a king!

        Then all men are subjects!

        So, naturally, Charlie wade would not be polite to these members of the Wade family’s side lineage.

        In the final analysis, there was just one sentence.

        What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine, is still mine!

        He saw that Kirk wade, a young man with a clear head and unique vision, so he was moved to keep him in the Wade family.

        If he wanted to cooperate with Helena and open the door to the European market through the Nordic royal family, he would need someone who knew Europe very well to be his think-tank.

        It just so happened that Kirk wade’s family had been developing in Europe for many years and had even moved their businesses to Europe, so they must know European policies very well.

        In that case, then sorry, this person, I want Charlie wade.

        However, at the moment, his father Charles came out and took the blame, although Charlie wade saw through it, it was not good to directly poke through it, so he said to Charles: “Each of you, when you were separated from the Wade family, you all brought the Wade family’s money and used the Wade family’s resources to get to where you are today, but as a result, not only are you ungrateful, but you also left the main family and the Wade family’s ancestors behind, now let you stay in the main family and contribute, for Now that you are allowed to stay and work for the Lord’s family, it is a good opportunity for you to redeem yourselves, so you must make good use of it! If not, I will not be polite, and if your wives and children are involved, as well as your family’s original estate, don’t blame me for not warning you beforehand.”

        Charles, knowing that he was in the wrong, nodded his head and said, “What the family head said is …… we will definitely make good use of it ……”

        After saying that, he said with some uncertainty, “Family head, only my ability is limited, if something is not done properly in the future, or not to your liking, you must not blame ……”

        The reason is that although his son, Kirk wade, is inexperienced, his control of business and his ability to run the business are indeed far superior to his own.

        In the past few years, the family has been reforming and upgrading its industries, whether it is shifting positions, changing the face of the business, or upgrading the production process, almost all of them are driven by Kirk wade, so there is no loss to the family if he stays and returns to preside over the big picture.

        Kirk wade also realised at this point that he had just been a bit too talkative.

        He had nothing better to do than to pretend with Charlie wade, and in the end, his own dad was actually going to be left in the country by Charlie wade ……

        At this moment, he was tempted to take the initiative to give a clear explanation and let his father go back and stay by himself, and also to avoid his father being punished for himself.

        But once he thought of it, his family’s business is now at a critical stage of upswing, and although he has not yet officially taken over as chairman, he has actually functionally fully a*sumed the duties of chairman, and it can be said that the entire family business depends on himself to take charge.

        He then resisted the thought of confessing again.

        He could only look at his father with tears in his eyes and said seriously, “Dad, I’m here at home, you can rest a*sured ……”

        Charles also nodded repeatedly and instructed, “I will stay in the main house to serve the main family, when the time comes, you will take over the chairmanship ……”

        Speaking of this, Charles sighed and lamented, “It’s just that you’re so young and inexperienced now, so hastily rushed to the shelf, I do worry that you won’t run it well ……”