The Real Dragon Chapter 3535

        Kirk wade hurriedly followed his father’s words down: “Dad …… you do not worry, I will certainly try my best to do, do not dare to say lead the group to advance by leaps and bounds, at least also do their best to hold the family business, wait for you to come back to regain control of the situation …… “

       Charles sighed, “Ai! It is my duty to serve the Lord’s family, so at the moment there is nothing else to do but to force you to grow up quickly!”

        Charlie wade couldn’t help but frown, thinking to himself, “You two are still acting with me here? That’s good.”

        Thinking of this, he cleared his throat and said to Charles, “It is indeed too risky to risk handing over such a large family business to a brat, although the main family needs your contribution, but it must not be to let you give up your own family’s original property, in that case, it would seem that I am too selfish as the family head.”

        When Charles and Kirk wade’s father and son heard this, they were overjoyed, and thought that Charlie wade was going to change his mind.

        Charles did not dare to show it, and still planned to play it out for one more wave to stabilize it, so he hurriedly said, “Family head, at times like this, even if we are asked to sacrifice our small family to protect everyone, we can still understand ……”

        Charlie wade waved his hand and spoke, “This is still not appropriate.”

        As he said that, he suddenly lit up and said offhandedly, “I do have a good idea!”

        Charles asked, “Family head, what is your good idea?”

        Charlie wade pointed to Corran, who was kneeling on the ground in the crowd, and said, “My uncle Corran is the eldest son of the Wade family, and he is very capable, why don’t you let him run your family business for you, while you and your son stay in China to work for the family? Give my eldest uncle three years’ time and you will definitely surpa*s IKEA in Sweden in terms of market value.”

        Corran himself was a little embarra*sed to hear this.

        “Am I that capable? Sh*t I’m almost convinced myself when I hear it ……”

        However, at the thought of being able to leave Wade Lingshan, or even leave the country, without having to observe mourning under Wade Lingshan for three years, Corran was very excited and immediately said, “Charlie, thank you for believing in me! I will definitely do my best!”

        Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction, then looked at Kirk wade again and said seriously, “Ah Kirk wade, your father is old and has been out of the country for many years, I am worried that he will not be able to adapt to the water, so why don’t you just stay and take care of his food and living.”

        A word that caused Kirk wade’s expression to freeze instantly ……

        He did not expect that after his father had easily plucked him out of it, Charlie wade had circled around and trapped him in again.

        When he was depressed to the core and didn’t know how to answer, Charlie wade added: “As for this part of your family business, you can leave it to my eldest uncle as much as you want, he will definitely help you run it well.”

        “Think about it, as long as you serve in the main family for a few years, you will be able to harvest a Fortune 500 company when you return, isn’t this like picking it up for nothing?”

        Charles and Kirk wade had the heart to die.

        Charles cursed in his heart, “If Corran was really so capable, why didn’t you reappoint him and put him in charge of us? If this kind of big punk is really in charge of our family’s business, in less than three years our family will go bankrupt ……”

        Kirk wade was also depressed, thinking, “Although my father is not a top entrepreneur, but at least he has worked hard for so many years, he is very experienced and stable, even if he does not like to reform and innovate, at least he can keep the current scale of the family business …… but If you change to that Corran in the past, he will not be able to completely ruin our family?”

        Thinking of this, Kirk wade hurriedly said, “Family head …… how can we bother this great god, Uncle Corran, with a small business like ours! Letting him take charge of that small factory of ours is simply like an anti-aircraft gun hitting a mosquito, it’s just too wasteful ……”

        Charlie wade waved his hand unconcernedly and said openly, “It’s fine, it’s not a waste at all, our family has the conditions!”