The Real Dragon Chapter 3536

Kirk wade was about to collapse.

        He finally understood that Charlie wade was the master of acting.

        Himself and his dad were not even a fart in front of him.

        Originally, he and his father had wanted to put on a show so that they could change themselves out and back to continue running the family business.

        He had never expected that with a few words, Charlie wade would not only put him back in his place, but also put a big Buddha in their family that they could not afford to mess with.

        Charles was also extremely depressed, and he had no idea how to end the situation now.

        Even the chance of letting his son stay was slim.

        Because once that happened, it would be tantamount to admitting that they had just lied to Charlie wade.

        If Charlie wade caught them in the act and blamed them, there would be no chance at all.

        At this moment, Corran was getting excited.

        When he saw that Kirk wade still wanted to refuse, he hurriedly said, “Charlie, you don’t need to consult them on this matter, I think they are also indebted to our Wade family and are embarra*sed to bother me again, but I am always a good talker, so I am a little bit of a bother, but I will do whatever I can, no complaints!”

        Feb wade was so envious that he begged, “Charlie wade, my father’s health is not too good either, can I also take care of my father’s food and living?”

        Charlie wade ignored him and turned to Charles and Kirk wade, smiling as he asked, “How’s that, I’m the head of the family, I still do things with respect, right? To send your own eldest uncle to help you all, what kind of selfless spirit must that be?”

        As Lord wade listened on the sidelines, he could not help but reach out and wipe his face, saying that Charlie wade was really too damaging, so damaging that he, the former head of the family, could not even face up to it.

        He knew better than anyone what his eldest son was like.

        He knew better than anyone else what kind of product he had in his eldest son, and that the level of Corran was a complete drag in the Wade family.

        If the Wade family was a speeding train, then Corran was one of the carriages that could neither carry pa*sengers nor pull cargo.

        If he follows the Wade family’s train, apart from increasing the train’s fuel consumption and reducing the train’s speed, he has no positive effect at all.

        Normally, in the Wade family, there is a team of professional managers and a number of think tanks around the world responsible for the operation of serious matters, he only needs to symbolically sign the decision book, and then he takes the highest salary and dividends of the entire Wade family.

        That furniture business in Kirk wade’s family only makes a profit of a few hundred million euros a year, and Corran would normally have to spend that much on dry flowers in a year.

        And Corran is very good at spending money in clever ways.

        According to him, he is not used to staying in any hotel and prefers to live at home, so buying a house is the best choice.

        Moreover, he would use the excuse that buying a house is also an investment in itself.

        What’s even more bullsh*t is that he will at every turn cite the example of McDonald’s opening shops everywhere, buying properties and land everywhere, and finally making a huge profit in the end to endorse himself.

        However, when a normal person buys a house, that is indeed an investment, but when he, Corran, buys a house, he is completely paying an IQ tax.

        A $50 million villa that comes with a $20 million renovation and can be moved in turnkey, selling him for $100 million, he also feels that it is a good deal.

        Moreover, the villa that he bought would require various items, including various daily necessities as well as cars, yachts and even helicopters.

        In addition to that, it requires a lot of manpower and resources to maintain it, so that it can be lived in at any time, and there is always a maid to provide service.

        So this $100 million villa, the car, yacht and helicopter will probably cost tens of millions more.

        And then the depreciation cost of these things is incredibly high, 10 million a year easily, and the entire villa and various equipment maintenance costs also have to be tens of millions of dollars, plus staff wages, absolutely astronomical figures.

        In other words, if a villa was left untouched, he would have to throw in 20 million a year.