The Real Dragon Chapter 3537

        If he were to make two more trips a year, the cost of this would have to increase again.

        In five years’ time, a villa that was originally worth $70 million might indeed have gone up to $100 million, or even a little over $100 million.

        But the cost of maintenance and depreciation over the five years will be at least 100 million.

        When you buy a villa for 100 million, you have spent more than 100 million, but in the end you can only sell it for a little over 100 million, what kind of investment is that?

        Previously, because the Wade family had plenty of money, so he spent several hundred million or even a dozen million a year through various ways, which was nothing in the Wade family, so the old man didn’t bother to pursue the matter.

        But now, if he is allowed to take charge of the Kirk wade family’s business, it is like putting a pig in the house of a group of ants to be the boss, whether the pig can be a good boss first put aside, this group of ants work hard to get the little food, even if they do not eat a bite, may not be able to feed him.

        Charles to Corran’s level is also long heard, at this moment raw fear Corran really went to their own family, their family so many years to accumulate the family fortune all consumed, so also do not care Charlie wade blame, kneeling on the ground repeatedly confessed: “family master I was wrong …… I confess to you …… Our family has been my son Kirk wade making the decisions these past few years! Just now I lied to you because I still harbored selfish thoughts and wanted my son to go back to preside over the situation …… I now know that I was wrong …… please punish you …… “

        Kirk wade was also frightened, his face was pale and he blurted out, “Family head …… please let my father go back to run the family estate, I will stay at home and do my best for the family!”

        The expression of Charlie wade at this time instantly became incomparably cold, sternly reprimanded: “You really have a lot of nerve! You fled in the night first, but now instead of repenting, you are still lying here! It seems that you, the side branches, really don’t take the main family seriously in your hearts!”

        When Charles heard this, he shivered in fear and quickly pleaded, “Master …… I was just confused for a moment, I didn’t take the master family seriously …… After all, the master family is the reason why we are all here today. gave us ……”

        Charlie wade snorted coldly, looked at the crowd and said in a loud voice, “The previous peaceful and prosperous times have covered up too many problems and too much dirt in the Wade family! If it weren’t for this calamity, I would have thought that the Wade family was truly prosperous and thriving! Now, it seems that it was all just a false appearance!”

        At this point, Charlie wade cleared his throat and continued, “From now on, these problems must be completely resolved! Regardless of whether your business is still related to the Wade family, all of you must put the interests of the main family first!”

        “If you behave well, your original business with the Wade family can continue, and the Wade family’s new industries will give you some room to participate in the future. my aim is nothing more than eight words, I will promote you, you will support me!”

        “But if you continue to do as you please, then I will not only cut off all business between the main family and you, but I will also count all the a*sistance and support the main family has given you over the years, and demand compensation at interest on a rolling basis, and if you refuse to acknowledge the debt, I have plenty of ways to deal with you!”

        “Any of you who have objections, you can raise them now!”

        When the crowd heard these words, their expressions suddenly flinched and they hastily took a stand to behave properly in the future.

        Seeing that no one had any objections, Charlie wade continued, “Well then, since you are all willing to choose to perform well, then there is a difficult matter at hand that requires your collective efforts to share the worries of the Lord’s family.”

        The crowd looked at Charlie wade with rapt attention, wondering what the tricky matter was that Charlie wade was talking about.

        At this time, Charlie wade said indifferently, “The underlings of the Wade family are just like you, once they saw the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall killing them, they ran away long ago, in the future, the main family will have no underlings available, and I am afraid that if word gets out, people will laugh at them. Fill up the gap of underlings for me first!”