The Real Dragon Chapter 3538

In Charlie wade’s eyes, these side families were themselves second-cla*s citizens compared to the main family.

        Plus, with their black history of ingratitude, so in the future, it would be even more impossible to treat them as human beings themselves.

        To let them each send out two young descendants to the Wade Family as subordinates was to let them know that their own mission was to serve the main family.

        When the seven hundred or so members of the Wade family’s side line heard these words, although their hearts were filled with grievances, no one dared to say a word of no at this time, having learned from the previous experience of Kirk wade’s family.

        Seeing that the people did not dare to object, Charlie wade spoke, “Since you all have no opinion, then this matter is settled.”

        After saying that, he took the roster for this ancestral ceremony and said, “This contains the information of every branch of the Wade family, as well as the list of representatives who will come to Eastcliff to participate in the ancestral ceremony. “

        Everyone looked at Charlie wade with bated breath, not knowing how harsh his demands would be.

        He cleared his throat and said in a cold voice, “Firstly, they must be direct relatives of the Ye lineage, none of you should think of fooling me with an outsider or a relative, the person who comes must be surnamed Wade, and must be the first son and grandson of each of your families!”

        How could the people dare to speak, they could only nod and agree.

        Charlie wade added: “Secondly, they must have a university degree or above;”

        “Third, the age range is between twenty-two and thirty-five years old, nothing over thirty-five! And not all female family members can be sent, out of the two in each family, at least one male must be guaranteed.”

        Some people’s expressions changed slightly.

        When they first heard that they were going to send someone over to the main family as a servant, they thought that it would be better to send two girls over, after all, they were all very patriarchal and generally wanted to train their male children to be their successors, so how could they spare their own sons and grandsons to be sent over as servants.

        However, once Charlie wade’s words came out, each and every one of these people had a hard time.

        Some families with many male children were fine, but those with few male children were depressed.

        There were only two or three young grandchildren in total, and those who met the qualifications and age requirements were either still pursuing their master’s degrees or were already in their positions.

        At this point, Charlie wade continued, “Fourthly, all those who come to serve in the main family will have a two-year rotation, and after the two-year period has expired, they can leave the main family and return to their own family, but you must send the next batch of people over three months in advance, and at the same time carry out a work handover with the previous batch, to ensure that all positions are seamlessly integrated, otherwise if something goes wrong, only you will be held accountable. “

        When the people heard this, their expressions were much more bitter than a bitter melon.

        In their view, Charlie wade’s demands on them were already considered harsh to the extreme.

        Moreover, behind this, there was a vague feeling of being an ancient pledge.

        It was like every va*sal king, who had to send one of his sons to the capital as a hostage.

        Once they thought of this layer, it became even harder for them to accept.

        However, there was no way to accept it even if it was difficult.

        What Charlie wade was playing with them now was the diplomatic level of power politics.

        Not only did he want to impose economic sanctions, but he also wanted to threaten and strike them with force, and he would even control their internal affairs.

        It goes without saying that economic sanctions are not necessary, and only very few families in this group can basically stop relying on the Wade family like Kirk wade’s family, while most of the other families have to rely on the Wade family to carry their business.

        Moreover, these people now have all their cash sucked dry by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and have signed a five-year installment agreement, so their economic lifeline is already in Charlie wade’s hands.

        This is not to mention the level of martial power, as the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is Charlie wade’s best fist at the moment.

        As for internal affairs control, it was entirely up to Charlie wade’s mind. If a family did not listen, Charlie wade could abolish the disobedient head of the family and then support an obedient one from within.

        These members of the side families also saw Charlie wade’s intentions, but they did not have the strength to fight him at all, so they could only agree to it.