The Real Dragon Chapter 3539

        When Charlie wade saw that all of them had no objections, he spoke, “Since all of you are fine with it, then let’s move forward as I said, within a week, submit the list and information to Ms. Christine for review, and the subsequent personnel reports and work docking will also be docked by Ms. Christine.”

        As soon as Christine heard her name mentioned, she immediately said excitedly, “Don’t worry, Charlie, I will do the things you have explained!”

        Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and said in a cold voice, “All of you listen to me carefully, everything in this matter is subject to Ms. Christine’s decision, Ms. Christine reports directly to me, if any of you do not cooperate or respond negatively, I will definitely not forgive him lightly!”

        The crowd’s expressions were aghast, and although their hearts were pained beyond measure, they could only express their willingness to actively cooperate.

        Christine, on the other hand, was already excited badly at this point.

        Originally, when she saw Charlie wade’s cold face, she felt hairy all over, but now when she looked at it, she felt so cute.

        This was also because Charlie wade had indeed treated her with a few favours over the past two days.

        Previously, it was the matter of keeping mourning that had allowed her to be exempted, and she only needed to kneel at Wade Lingshan for three full days before she could leave.

        And now, she was given such an important job to take charge of, which instantly made her feel that she had been reappointed by Charlie wade.

        At the same time, it also made her sigh in her heart, “It seems that all those hardships I had suffered in Aurous Hill before were not in vain ……”

        In fact, what Christine did not know was that it was not that Charlie wade intended to reuse her, but that Charlie wade understood her mentality very well.

        Charlie wade knew that this aunt of his was bent on getting a firm foothold in the Wade family, and was always looking for opportunities to perform.

        Moreover, she was impatient, temperamental and always had a very high posture. To say that she might not have the skills and abilities to do serious work, but to say that she should be asked to be an overseer, to torment people and to do things like picking bones out of eggs, then she was definitely the most suitable person for the job.

        As far as this old princess of hers is concerned, once she gets into a temper, ordinary people simply can’t stand it.

        Therefore, leaving this matter in Christine’s hands would definitely be enough for this group of side families to drink in the aftermath, and those juniors sent to work would not be able to cheat in the future.

        At this time, Charlie wade spoke again, “Right, in order to prevent the people you submit to her from being unappealing to Ms. Christine, so why don’t you simply submit all the members of your own families who meet my requirements above to her, and let her choose from them.”

        Once Charlie wade’s words came out, the heads of these side families, each one of them wanted to cry.

        Originally, they thought that they only needed to select people according to Charlie wade’s requirements, and that those with many male members in their families were basically under no pressure, so they could just choose a less popular one and send it over.

        Just like the Tian Ji horse race, they could send their inferior horses to fight at such times, and it did not matter if they lost.

        However, now Charlie wade asked them to submit all of them to Christine for selection, that would be a problem, because Christine would definitely choose the best among them, in that case, it is likely that the one chosen would be the original successor of his family, how could they stand such a situation?

        However, although it was difficult for these people to accept, there were some who were already excited, these people were basically all juniors who were not ranked first in their respective families, but once the first one was chosen to serve in the main family, then they would have a few more chances to make a name for themselves.

        Charlie wade naturally saw that these people were happy and sad, but he didn’t bother to pay attention to them and instructed the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, “Take the half of these people who came up first and drive them down the mountain, so that they can go back to their own families and find their own mothers; as for the half who came up later, let them kneel in front of the ancestors of the Wade family until this time tomorrow and then let them go! “